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445nm 581mW ...by Blord !!!!

Mar 16, 2012
First of all i want give a special thanks to Blord for this laser ! :beer: We came out with a deal and im enjoying it every single piece of it ! THANKS ! :beer:

So to start with the laser came to my house in the U.S, FL the 25th thats 12 days after the shipment, i was a bit worried about the shipping time, so i asked KOT and he said that it was still under the delivery time, so i just waited !:crackup: The laser came well protected with bubble wrap and in a small rectangular box, not mentioning the packing bag which had bubble wrap on the inside. It uses 2 16340 batteries (Which were NOT included on the laser for safety reasons) , negative to the tailcap. The laser also has a nice blue lens cover and a small strap. The whole laser is inside a nice C6 Host, which by the way i think is smooth and clean. This laser is a SPECIAL build by blord ! It as 5 DIFFERENT MODES,High power,Medium power,Low power,High Strobe mode and SOS :evil::beer:

Blord provided me with the require LPM graph.

The laser has a Warning Label that states that the power is less than 2W, and IT IS TRUE BUT IT WONT COME CLOSE IT LOL :crackup: So the label does the job.

Some Pics !

A Pic of my green with my violet laser !

The laser beam is not that visible since the camera of my phone is not so good but it does the job! Also the beam is extremely BRIGHT ! i can see the beam during day time, and when it comes the night the beam just looks extremely bright ! :evil:

A few videos Please just click on the links ! ( dont know how to post them as thumbnails)

Different Modes


Burning Match !


I would love to LPM the laser on all the modes but i dont have an LPM :mad: BUT SINCE i trust Blord ! i know that the laser is on the right Power on every mode !!! Over all im Extremely satisfied with this build ! Hope i buy another collection of yours Blord ! .....


Mr. Mu
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