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30mw Green laser from Buyincoins

Dec 2, 2008
Hi guys, this is my first rewiev so hopefully it will end up well lol.

I have ordered some green lasers from Buyincoins and since they shipped my stuff it was really quick in my box. Really. I was impressed, but unfortunately what was before they shipped my stuff was terrible. They were unable to shipp it maybe 2 months. They were just promissed, lied to me and so on. We have exchaned meybe around 20 emails and aslo they were about to refund me because of some circumstanctes.. It was really pain to have my stuff shipped, but on the other hand they answered every single email i have sent them, so this is a really good POINT.

They provided me a tracking number, but as my parcel arrived the tracking number was totally different from tracking number which they provided me in email.. lol.. crazy..

I have ordered 3 x 30mw units at once.

30mw 532nm Green Beam Laser Pointer Pen Stylish P3 White - BuyinCoins.com

The parcel was really smal, as those units was only bubble wrapped, without any case or batteries. Only bare units.

The laser itself is SOOOOO light weight in comparison to the DX units. It feels like it was made from plastic. Really light.
But i like that silver host soo much. Very nice.
I bought those units because i was thinking that i can pot mod them..
So i was trying to open it. The aperture cap was so easy to remove, that you can simply do it with your bare hand (fingers)
The inside module is totaly different from DX modules.
It is not even attached to the aperture cap.
see the pictures attached.
Seems like the module is made from plastic..
When i removed a foam surrounded a spring i was able to see that a potentiomer is glued, so there is no way to pot mod this units.
also there is no way to pull out the module withou destroying the host, as it is probbably glued as well.

With removing a foam i was able to see also that driver is supported form the bottom and also from both sides with some plastic piece, which i think is not bad in comparison with DX modules (lasers)

As i dont want to destroy this unit i dont have a picture of the module as i am really unable to tore it apart.

I have ordered 3 x 30mw units
I dont have a powermeter, but i can say that they are probably very close to the specification.
2 of them has by my EyeBall LPM 20 -25mw
and 3rd one is maybe 15-20mw.

Not that bad for a 8 usd.

The only main problem i see is weight..
As i mentioned above it is really light. It is probably because of the module, as host looks solid same as a DX hosts. The module is really plastic as far as i can see when i remove the aperture cap. maybe deeper inside is metal but probably very small amount..

I would say it is worth the money, especialy the host..
The host is amazing and i love the silver finish.
For the 8usd, this is the greatest host for your bluray built.
Aslo if you are only about to use this unit as a host than you can take just 5mw version which is even cheaper.




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