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1'st build, scratch built inside modified cd player for New Year


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Dec 10, 2013
Hi there guys. Just wanted to say thanks for all the help and happy new year. Here are some photos of my first build from yesterday morning. I think you will enjoy the results. Driver Module came from Russia from x-wossee on eBay 2A laser diode driver, analog modulation + bias standby (SBS), 445nm 638nm | eBay . And the LD was a Nichia from eBay seller dtr-lpf Nichia NDB7875 445nm 9mm Laser Diode In a Copper Module W/Leads & 405-G-2 Lens | eBay
I found an old rack mount multi CD player in a skip. Gutted the insides but kept the power supply circuit. Then I drove two dc to dc step down modules. One at 7V to power the LD driver and one variable 0-5V which controls the modulation to vary the laser output power. We phoned the helicopter mountain rescue and told them that we were shining the laser into the mountains. They said no problem. And if we wanted we could shine it at Mt. Blanc. The laser ran continously for about 10hrs. I also fitted a 12V fan which sucked cool air past the LD. Last night temps outside we're below -5C so I figured it would b ok. I also converted an old red Dj style club laser into a uv laser. More info on request. Also Some photos from inside at last nights party. I set two 10K sound systems and some lighting.
Ps. Dummy load was 6 1N4001 (which got hot quickly, I would advise high power diodes) and a 1ohm 5Watt resistor.
I probably did a few things wrong here. If anybody could point out my mistakes I would appreciate the input.
Ps. I put a 5mm thick strip of aluminium about 5cm long and 1.5cm wide as a heat sink on the driver transistor. I could only seem to read upto 1200ma across the dummy loads resistor.



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Jun 24, 2010
Very nice. Glad to see it all worked out so well for you.:beer: