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1995 Honda Civic Del Sol


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May 27, 2013
They're still friendlier.

Electric vehicles don't need oil, so theres even less oil used. Parts last longer, so less manufacturing, and less waste. And theres less parts, so again, less manufacturing. Not to mention no coolant, brake fluid, transmission fluid, or any other kind of fluid to leak out or need replacing.

So no, maybe theres no 100% green car, but it is still massively better than an internal combustion powered vehicle.

Plus an electric motor will almost always beat an internal combustion engine of the same horsepower when it comes to acceleration.

Electric motors alone sound good. But you have the problem of your power source. Most use big heavy lead acid batteries which aren't the best in energy density and light weight. Lithium batteries are better but still don't have much cycle life in them and are very expensive. Fuel cells? yeah replace liquid fuel with highly pressurized explosive hydrogen. It's what's keeping the electric cars from totally replacing fossil fueled ones everywhere.

Besides, most places still use coal power plants so the energy you use for your electric car will still come from fossil fuel.


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Aug 23, 2014
Hello again, just thought I'd post an update on the car subject. Eight years ago, I remember sitting in my parent's van when I saw a Ford Taurus sitting on the curb in our neighborhood as we drove by. The first thing I said was, "Boy is that the ugliest car I have ever seen, I am NEVER getting one of those when I grow up."

I also said that I would never get a red or burgendy car as I disliked the color when it came to cars. When I got older, and gas mileage became more important in my car searches, I told myself I'd never get anything with a bigger engine than a 4 cylinder.

And I avoided American made cars and cars with more than 120,000 miles due to everything I heard from close friends about the maintenance records for their cars. I told myself that I would never get a car with any of this and guess what happened a little while later?

I get an old burgendy V6 American-made gas guzzling ugly 2000 Ford Taurus dropped in my lap with the keys in my hand and I am standing there thinking, "What just happened?"

I am still amused with the fact that I coincidentally received for free one of the very last cars I would buy on my own. But I've been told before, not to check a gift horse in the mouth. And the car has been a huge blessing since then. It had 156,000 miles on it to start with but it only had a few minor problems that turned out to be easy fixes. I am glad I didn't say I would never get a car that had a ton of issues.

I may be a weirdo but the looks of the car are also starting to grow on me. I actually thought it looked better than a Ford Mustang Gt at one point. But then I reminded myself that I'm driving a Taurus. Well, thats all I got for this update. I'll try to post some pictures of it once I get the chance. Hope you enjoyed my life story lol.