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11.11 Singles Day is coming! The Super Offers are HERE!!!


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Jul 28, 2014
November and e-Commerce equal long working hours and an increase in coffee consumption, but also insane discounts and coupons. In China the 11.11 is a very special holiday (Singles Day) that got turned into a shopping festival by Alibaba. GearBest now brings this tradition to all over the world. Prepare for extreme discounts, chances to win free gifts and massive coupon codes on famous brands. It’s the ideal time to grab your christmas presents now!


Phase 1 from 07.11 – 09.11
Old & New Buyer deals (from 07.11 – 09.11)
Coupons (Up to 30% off in November)

Final Phase from 09.11 – 15.11
Nov 9th 08:00 UTC to Nov 15th 07:00 UTC ( In New York city time: Nov 9th 04:00am to Nov 15th 03:00am)
Big 11.11 Promotion & Flash Sales (from 09.11 – 15.11)
Coin Rain with free gifts (from 09.11 – 15.11)

[11.11 Sale Video Introduction]

To celebrate this big promo, we are going to offer some super deals to you in advance! Big discounts, UP to 60% OFF!!!:yh:

2016.11.4 update:

1. Nitecore EC21 8-Modes Red and White Light Waterproof Flashlight Torch
Link: https://goo.gl/0hbxY8
Coupon: EC21GB
Price: $27.99
(regular price:$59.95) Over 50% OFF!!!

2. LUMINTOP Prince 1000Lm Cree XML2 U2 Handy LED Flashlight
▶Link: https://goo.gl/UIqRfY
▶Coupon: LPE11
▶Price: $31.59 (regular price:$78.90) UP to 60% OFF!!!

3. Lumintop Tool AAA Keychain Flashlight
▶Link: https://goo.gl/QTYw2D
▶Coupon: LKF11
▶Price: $9.59 (regular price:$19.90) Over 50% OFF!!!

4. Lumintop TD16 1000LM Flashlight
▶Link: https://goo.gl/hjRciz
▶Coupon: TD16GB
▶Price: $36.99 (regular price:$71.01)

5. Jetbeam JET - u AAA LED Flashlight
▶Link: https://goo.gl/AHnTyf
▶Coupon: JETμEN
▶Price: $8.99 (The price is only for your 1st piece)

6. Opus BT-C3100 V2.2 Li-ion Digital NiCd NiMH Battery Charger
▶Link: https://goo.gl/yAlr94
▶Coupon: OPUSD
▶Price: $29.99

PS: ZanFlare F1 Flashlight Promotion: https://goo.gl/dl88XI[

Remark: Limited Pieces for above discount prices! Please take of it, thank you!

Let's CHEERS for these super offers and looking forward the next SUPER OFFERS :angel:
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