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  1. Petacat

    No longer for sale

    FS 445nm made by daguin said to put out 800mW, 534nm made by O-like said to put out >350mW, case and batterys, all for - $220 - As I have no LPM, I take daguin and o-like's word as to the power of the beam output! You will be taking these lasers at...
  2. Petacat


    --- sold ---
  3. Petacat

    - No longer for FS - Ehgemus 14650 445nm

    Ehgemus 14650 with G1 lens- 445nm - 780mw with rechargable 14650 battery - plus two extra batterys and charger - --- $150 --- I payed $250 for this laser. pluse $30 to battery junction for the two extra batterys. The laser was built by DTR who does excellent work! Host was hand made by the...
  4. Petacat

    SOLD - 880mW Silver Aurora SH-032 445nm

    880mW Silver 18650 CREE R2 SH032 445nm - $160 - I bought the Laser from RDTech he said it had an out put of 1.6-1.7W but I think it must be more like 1.3W Burns through a black CD case in less than 3 seconds. These usually sell for $200 - $250 But for this Silver CREE R2 Aurora SH-032 - #160...
  5. Petacat

    FS: - Silver CREE R2 Aurora SH-032 445nm

    Silver polished 18650 CREE R2 SH032 445nm W/ Charger/3Ah battery. Made By RDTech. Less than ten minute run time I originally bought it for $200 about a month ago. the price now - $160 - I was originally told by RDTech it was 1.6-1.7W, but I think it's more like 1.3W. It's brighter than...
  6. Petacat

    Here comes the true green - NOT

    True green not here yet - Sorry for posting this thread Casio's Green Slim Projectors Shed Bulk and Forgo Mercury
  7. Petacat

    445 burn out when set at 1.5W anyone ?

    Has anyone had a burn out of their 445 when set at 1.5W ?
  8. Petacat

    New Astronomy Social Members Community Group

    I just started a new social group for Astronomers and their lasers. Join the social group, talk about your astronomy and lasers. Post photos of you equipment.:beer: The community tap at the top of this page will take you to the social groups and the astronomy community group. There are many...
  9. Petacat

    FS or Trade - Thorlabs Optics - top quality

    I will trade brand new top quality Thorlab Optics that I got for Holography but never used for a laser. As soon as I got them my wife said no more doing holography, as I was using the bathroom in our small apartment as my dark room. She did not like the mess or me: "stinking up the house with...
  10. Petacat

    Hello all

    Hello! I though I would join the fourm as I have been lurking here for about a year now. What a great read this fourm has been, and packed with info. though I am older that most I still love to learn and this fourm is a great place to do that. All I had before this Fourm was Sam's Laser Bible...