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  1. DrZoidberg

    CNI PGL-III-C-589 Issues

    It has been a long time since I have visited this site. I have been busy with school/graduating/finding a job/life. I finally have taken the time to post again. So my issue is I have a PGL-III-C 589nm from CNI, I was turning the safety shutter on the top and it twisted the whole front of the...
  2. DrZoidberg

    Looking for a Telescope

    I am looking to trade for a telescope. I am willing to do a combo of trading, trading with some payment, and possibly just buy it depending on what sort of price I would be looking it, I would however prefer to trade. I have many lasers to trade (even a few quality laser projectors) but what I...
  3. DrZoidberg

    Lasever 473nm handheld stopped working

    So I ordered a 473nm handheld from Lasever and received it around March 19th. It was fast shipping, I had no issues with customer service, it was rated at 80mw but metered over 120mw; needless to say I was happy with my purchase up until last Saturday. I put a battery in the laser, plugged in...
  4. DrZoidberg

    Steam video game deals ( free coupons for you)

    I have a coupon for %75 off Total War Shogun 2 and a free copy of Counter Strike Source, the first person to claim each one will get one. Only one per person please.
  5. DrZoidberg

    EL wire vest

    So I decided this project might be of interest to some of you and it is my first project I will have shown you guys. After quite some time I finally got around to making an EL wire vest. While it is nothing impressive from a technical standpoint I still think the results turned out well. Let me...
  6. DrZoidberg

    New to gas lasers, ordered a HeNe, need a PS

    I just ordered one of these.... New 543nm 2mW Green Helium Neon Laser Tube HeNe Melles Griot JDSU Science Fair | eBay I was wondering if anyone knew of a good place to purchase a power supply and/or a stand for this?
  7. DrZoidberg

    Does this idea look like it would work?

    Here is my idea, let me know if you think it would work/ any sugestions to improve it. The lasers are just 5mW pointers, but I could remove them from the pointer body to save room if I knew how I would wire them up and then power them. Otherwise they will reflect perfectly to get them to line up...
  8. DrZoidberg

    DC lasers?

    I am looking for some 5mw lasers that can be run on DC. I am messing around with trying to combine a violet, green, and red laser and then shine that onto a set of mirrors to make a cheap spirograph, does anyone know of any sites that would have any available?
  9. DrZoidberg

    First build :)

    So after doing some reading I have decided my first build will use a LPC-826, with that said I have a few questions. I will first link what I have all found and would like some feedbackLPC-826 660nm laser diode 250mw [LPC826] - $10.99 : Cajunlasers Store 26 AWG Silicone Insulated wire 65 strand...
  10. DrZoidberg

    First build not sure

    Hey, this is my first post so I will go over a few things I’m sure I will be asked and some background information. I am a 19 year old from Wisconsin who has been fascinated by lasers ever since I got my first cheap 5mw green laser a few years back. I have decided after doing some reading that...