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  1. cherrylee

    Any payment issues on LM and YL?

    Hello everyone, those days we have changed a new term of payment , but some customers inform us in E-mail that they cannot process the payment and cannot complete their orders. Anyone else comes across such problem ? Just tell me , and I ll contact the bank of our site to deal with it asap...
  2. cherrylee

    Reke 500RGB Stage Show Projector

    The price of the reke 500rgb PJ is higher than before, and it will never go back the price of 209$ with any coupon code . now the final price on Lasersman for reke 500rgb is $266.09 with coupon code "HZLM12.38%off" ===== the lowest prices now, and I ll try my best to get more discount from...
  3. cherrylee

    Hello, I am Cherry

    hello guys, I am Cherry, and I am new here just for solve the shipping problems and product problems from lasersman and yourlaser, so just feel free to contact me if you have any question, I would like to help you all to get the laser asap with good condition! thanks daguin , thanks...
  4. cherrylee

    Any questions or problems on Lasersman or yourlaser, tell me!!!

    hello, I am cherry from lasersman and yourlaser, I am sorry to hear so many unhappy experience on these two sites, I am truely want to solve all the problems for you , But don't want to spam in this forum, I hope our reputation can be built by you, all the customers from LM and YL. Therefore,...