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  1. trussmonkey25

    Fat diode laser head for portable CNC

    I'm going to try out a desktop CNC from Ali express. I know a lot of the modules described as 15 watt or 10 watt have an out put of 4 or 5 watt. I know this will cut 5 mm in three passes Has anyone tried any of the fat ones that are marked 30 watts. These are new. The video shows it cutting...
  2. trussmonkey25

    Another knuckle head

    I just saw on NBC News another idiot fired a blue high powered laser at an aircraft.. It was somewhere in California. From what I can tell he got arrested thank God. How can We protect our hobby if people like this get a hold of cheap high power pointers? I'm glad the pilot had a level head and...
  3. trussmonkey25

    Anyone interested in my 7 watt silver series?

    Wedding is coming up in February. Need tux made. I'm offering it up for 400
  4. trussmonkey25

    Just had to share this

  5. trussmonkey25

    Check this link out

    This equipment is expensive but I thought it worth sharing. I saw it pop up on Facebook
  6. trussmonkey25

    Sanwu Silver 7 watt

    It lives!! I had a 5.5 watt that had died last year so I had Sanwu make a module that was 7 watt for it I sent the host back to them. He repolished it up for me while it was there. In the meantime I got the expander for it as well. Of course I just had to fire it
  7. trussmonkey25

    Anyone interested in a 40 watt CNC by FullSpectrum Laser

    I have a FullSpectrum CNC portable machine. It Covers approxamatly11x18 area inside the machine. It has a 40 watt co2 laser tube in it. Comes with external blower, compresser, water pump for coolant. The bottom is removable to do larger work or material. It works best on thinner materials. It...
  8. trussmonkey25

    Anyone here grind lenses

    Well we all know these big diodes have astigmatism. Can anyone grind a singl lens to correct for it? More cylidrical for the fast axis and less on the slow? I never seen anyone attempt this. Im sure each different diode will require a different setup for the grinder just like an optimologist...
  9. trussmonkey25

    Hanger 13 leathers

    http://i51.photobucket.com/albums/f384/darrin_jones1/Mobile%20Uploads/2017-06/received_1579062042138715_zpsm12jgdjx.jpegDon't tread on Me Gadsden jacket Changes in photo bucket screwed up all my stuff. They are no longer a free site for public sharing. As small devices get more and more...
  10. trussmonkey25

    Tying the knot. Lasers must go

    Sanwu 5.5 watt 447nm$350 or best offer 5 watt nubb44 laser module with fan cooling. Power supply is very heavy but has TTL port, key safety. This is a bench type laser.if you just want the head, I'm fine with that. Just the head ,$150. The whole setup $250 Lenses from projection TV $45 for...
  11. trussmonkey25

    Lenses from a projector TV

    I scored three lenses from an old TV and the fresnel screen lens. The lenses are biconvex and flatter on one side. Much like a human eye lens. Anyone interested? The screen lens cracked, so it still has 24"by 36" of usable area
  12. trussmonkey25

    Pulse tragedy

    In honer of those who died or were injured in the Orlando Massacre I invite all members to pose their rainbow laser shots here. Natural Rainbow pictures are welcome too
  13. trussmonkey25

    Arcane II for sale and others

    Here in order 1.6 watt 447nm. $100 Sanwu 5.5 watt. $375 Arcane II 6.8 watt $400 Sold!!! SciFi SMP 2.8 Watt $160 Free shipping CONUS only I hate to sell my children but I gotta do what I gotta do.
  14. trussmonkey25

    Axi Draw

    http://www.evilmadscientist.com/ Anyone ever see this? It retails for 450$. I know many could build for much less. I could see someone hooking up a laser in the pen holder. But I would need a way to turn on and off the beam when the pen holder drops (on) and lifts (off)
  15. trussmonkey25

    Arcane II 6.79 watt Custom

    I had Eitan take a graph of the Laser made for me. He did tell me he used old crappy 18650 trusfire for this test and one other previous test. I can't wait to receive it and use a pair of Panasonic batteries I will purchase from a vapor shop. I had him also extend the barrel to take two 18650s...
  16. trussmonkey25

    Lasers for sale.

    1.5 watt 445nm with key. Takes two 16350 batt's included Asking $100 free shipping USA only
  17. trussmonkey25

    Sci-fi SMP 445nm times too

    The package finally came after two months. I ordered two of the same model. They were well wrapped Here they are in light of day They are fat and stubby! Not really impressed with craftsmanship on inside. The pill is loose on one of them. Gotta have a beam shot. Impressive! Yes it...
  18. trussmonkey25

    Sanwu 405 nm One Watt

    I wanted a powerful compact 405 nm Laser. I was impressed with what Podo had put together with the big 5.2 watt Laser. I wanted the Laser to have its actually power engraved into the host and its wave length. The Chinese name for this Laser is Dragon's Breath. Bear with me as I post more. I'm...
  19. trussmonkey25

    Sanwu 5.5 Watt nickle finsh laser

    I just received my laser today. It came after Two nail biting weeks of anticipation. I told Pedo that the roads in the USA are rough and it will travel across the country by truck before it reaches me. They packed it seven ways to Sunday. It has a beautiful straight host a foot long all...
  20. trussmonkey25

    Price Reduced! 5.5 watt labby with foot pedal control and other stuff

    I need to sell the big 5.5 watt blue lab laser Lightning Stalker has built for me. I need to prepare for my wedding. I'm asking $300. Or best offer Offers will be considered. Pm me with any questions. This is very heavy so shipping outside the USA can get pricy. Ship free in continental USA...