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  1. VirtueViolater

    Laser Quiz #2

    8/10, did a little better on this one...
  2. VirtueViolater

    Laser Knowledge Test

    Geezzzz......5 of ten...:LOL...
  3. VirtueViolater

    1.5w 405nm

    Have any members purchased/tested one of these? Just ran across them on fleabay https://www.ebay.com/itm/High-Power-1-5W-1500mW-405nm-UV-Laser-Diode-Module-with-G-2-Collimator-Lens/113257993344?hash=item1a5eb3d480:g:ilUAAOSwoW1bo~dQ:sc:USPSPriorityMailSmallFlatRateBox!36582!US!-1
  4. VirtueViolater

    Laser bundle

    Hi folks, Been absent awhile, work keeps coming and I've changed hobbies (race quads). I have for sale two high power lasers. 1 445nm 7w nubm44 @ 5a with a DTR driver and 35mm heatsink in an attack head flashlight host ready to go. Also included a 6+w 445nm diode in a DTR 35mm heatsink...
  5. VirtueViolater

    Misc. Laser parts

    Hi, I have surplus drivers, diodes, hosts, lenses etc that I'm sure someone could use, thinking I'd like to sell a few lots of items auction stile with a percentage of sales donating to LPF, why isn't there a permanent auction thread that does this?
  6. VirtueViolater

    Mits 500/ Cree 18650 light w/ DTR 510 threaded module

    Hi, My nephew's birthday is coming up and he wants a 1w red laser. I won this light on ebay, nice small 18650 side clicky, switch is really nice, also has a charging port. I've used flashlight drivers for the mits before so I hooked the lights driver to a test load and got 900 ma. The 510...
  7. VirtueViolater

    1+w pen laser

    Here's a 1+w pen laser, it's focusable and has a 2 min duty cycle. The driver is set at 1.2 amps. This thing can actually be held like a pen for freehand wood burning etc. I have exactally $28 in this one
  8. VirtueViolater

    Exterior lens spring

    Hi, Found a exterior lens spring for under $2, they're conical and work perfect for exterior lens springs. They are in the penlight below and come up for auction every 30 mins or so on ebay. The rest of the light is usable as a host
  9. VirtueViolater


    He's anyone played Khet? It's a chess like game played with lasers, mirrored pieces and beamsplitters.
  10. VirtueViolater

    Projector diodes

    Hi, Won me a ca$io xj type projector on ebay, anybody know what type and how many diodes are in there?
  11. VirtueViolater

    Flashlight mods

    Hi all, I enjoy moding flashlights and figured I would make a post of some of my favorites and why they are. Starting from the left: Utilitech flashlight (lowes) C8 (ebay) Cree mx900 (ebay) Pen light (ebay) Cree attack head flashlight (ebay) What I really like about most of these is spring...
  12. VirtueViolater

    Decanning diode

    Well, Haven't used my plt450 s4 in a while so i poped a battery in a while ago and what do ya know, something burned onto the diode window. Did a search on decanning and DTR and a few others have posted ways to decan. As alot of you know, I just happen to have some spare dead diodes lieing...
  13. VirtueViolater

    Light saber

    Hi everybody, Just recentally build my first 1w red laser, it's awesome! I want to build another one so I'm ordering parts. I have seen "fat beam" modules on eBay. I was thinking a mits 500 would look like a light saber in one of those modules and was wondering if anyone has tried this? Thanks...
  14. VirtueViolater

    Mits 500 in cree flashlight host

    Hi, This was a fun build and this diode is very bright even in well lit rooms. The beam pic below was taken with lights on and flash. The pic of the module is to show how I used a cu full back and two focus knobs to make the module the right lenth to pinch between the battery pill and cu washer...
  15. VirtueViolater

    2 drivers for mitsu 500

    Hi, I was wondering if I could use two drivers set at 600ma's for my mitsu 500 and if so, how do i go about it Thanks Danny
  16. VirtueViolater

    Mits 500 mixup

    I have mixed up mits 500 and lpc840. One has the Mitsubishi mark on the bottom, it's the taller one of the two. Anyone know the difference?
  17. VirtueViolater

    Best lens for mits 500

    Should recieve my mits 500 tomorrow or friday, hoping i have the lens i need. Advice on this and anything else for this diode is greatly appreciated Danny
  18. VirtueViolater

    Techood has a sweet 520nm handheld

    Hi everybody, Techood has a great looking handheld laser using the ndg7475 520nm diode for $330. They must have just recently posted it because this is the first time I've seen it. Worth a look EBay item #142005377766
  19. VirtueViolater

    AFM Astronomy.fm

    I listen to Astronomy.fm when I'm at my workbench and when falling asleep at night. I get it on a talk radio app. Is anyone here familiar with it? Danny
  20. VirtueViolater

    532nm driver

    Hi everyone, I won an 1w driver for 532nm on ebay auction for cheap. I was wondering if anyon has tried to remove the module from a cheap ebay 303 532nm and drive it with more ma's. and if so, how the heck did ya get the module out?....lol Danny