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  1. bennett326

    stepper motor help

    Hey guys it's been a while! I've been working on quite a few non laser related projects and need some help. Essentially I am trying to build a glass blowing lathe. Which has two headstocks that rotate in sync. At first I was gonna power them off one motor and use a splined shaft to power the...
  2. bennett326

    "100,000 stars" by Google

    100,000 Stars everyone has chrome right?....:tinfoil: hope you enjoy :beer:
  3. bennett326

    computer mice recommendations?

    so starting about a week ago i have been getting pretty bad pain in my wrist when using the computer. its gotten to the point where after a half hour or so i can even use the mouse or type with my right hand. btw i use the computer around 2-3 hours a day. so i assume i need a more ergonomic...
  4. bennett326

    awesome video of light @ 1 trillion fps

  5. bennett326

    little vid of my work in progress pj

    first time using the fog machine with the scanner notice i made a ghetto case for it so progress :yh: also please excuse my shit hole of a room a cleaned it a little later :crackup::crackup::crackup: 2 seconds of awesome O____O_O_O_O_O_o_O watch the second one untill the end or just skip...
  6. bennett326

    nevermind nada

    closed nada nevermind thanks buds
  7. bennett326

    help taking video of graphic shows?

    i know its not the camera i have used several cameras even a insanely expensive d90 i had to beg someone to let me borrow :crackup: i cannot get a recording of the solid image i can get pictures but no movie and its driving me insane i made little show for you, lpf friends, and i cant even...
  8. bennett326

    ether dream review WIP

    alright ill add pictures but lets get to the meat of the review Ether Dream there you go a link :p i saved up for a couple months after hearing the problems with the riya DACs and with the limited and annoying sound card dac i owned well i was sick of it and ready to go for the real deal. the...
  9. bennett326

    paypal help

    i have googled my heart out and i cant find the answer to this question: "how do i transfer my paypal balance to my credit card?" anyone know how? it wouldnt be a problem because i use paypal so much... BUT i have got the funds for a ether-dream DAC and some of the money i need to buy it with...
  10. bennett326

    FS: audiolase DAC

    im selling this audiolase DAC because i am saving up for a etherdream DAC i bought this from kiyokan a few months ago and i have used it very little. *i am not selling this as tuned* im asking $100 + shipping here are some pictures BTW THAT IS GLUE ON THE CONNECTOR NOT SCRATCHES...
  11. bennett326

    the scanner SCANS O____o

    the scanner SCANS O____o update big pics UPDATE 1-1-13 welll over a year after the original post i finally have added a 1W 445nm laser and made a huge upgrade as far as enclosure goes. but the best thing i have done is upgraded my DAC and software. i am now using a Etherdream DAC which i am...
  12. bennett326

    THE awesome new dilda host

    ^^next to the ghetto scanner :D ^^^in my hand :p hope this drew up some laughs....i wish i had a black maglight to show you guys instead :crackup: :crackup: :crackup:
  13. bennett326

    what this forum is all about

    well i realized i was getting close to my 1000th post and it seems like good timing. its been a while since i have done a build. i have mostly been gathering things for my projector build. and know that i have everything to have a makeshift single color projector i have had allot of questions...
  14. bennett326

    good deal with paulzimm

    i recently bought his 300mW green labby and he gave me a sweet deal. he also without my request included the spacers to get the laser to the galvos height.:D he also packaged the laser exceptionally well, sent it the day after payment, used tracked/delivery confirmed shipping and labeled the...
  15. bennett326

    help with pt-30 wiring and mounting???

    so i finally have a laser to use with my galvos and im confused i realize what goes to the galvos themselves but i don't understand exactly the modulation input because there are so many inputs on the amp boards. i can post a pic in a few minutes if needed.... also when mounting the galvos how...
  16. bennett326

    thanks kiyo

    this is way overdue but now is better than never i suppose kiyoukan or Aaron is awesome first of all he did a great job on the 30k scanner GB when i was confused and asked him if my galvos had been shipped he said they should be there soon..then a hour later they where delivered by usps LOL...
  17. bennett326

    RUN to your local Walgreen's

    i picked up 400W fogger w/ a wireless remote for $12.50 great deal IMO :beer:
  18. bennett326

    DIY ruby,CO2 and dye lasers

    here is his channel on youtube if you haven't found him magx1's Channel - YouTube all i can say is wow :drool::drool::drool::drool: that's some very impressive work hes done
  19. bennett326

    DMM advice

    so my radio-crap meter crapped out on me today never buy thishttp://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2103176 so i need a new one nothing super special just resistance,voltage,amps, capacitance, hopefully on the cheap side i hear flukes are the best but i have no idea how to...
  20. bennett326

    planning out my scanner build

    so guys im planning out my projector/scanner so this is my shopping list so far what do you think suggestions are welcome and highly appreciated! galvos: pt-30k's(paid for:eg:) lasers: meierlight 300mw analog 532 diy 445 2x lpc-816 combined with PBS cube i will be using the badpip 4channel...