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  1. VirtueViolater

    Anyone recognize this beam expander or it's lens coating ?

    Is that a tripod mount I see? If so, sweet!!
  2. VirtueViolater

    Laser Quiz #2

    Me too
  3. VirtueViolater

    Laser Quiz #2

    8/10, did a little better on this one...
  4. VirtueViolater

    some "new"pics 10/16/18

    Man, the orange is awesome. Great pics!
  5. VirtueViolater

    SciFi repair help - ex SciFi customers only!

    It does clip the beam but is cheaper and mainly easier. That being said, the splash is pretty bad also Just thinking it's a practical option for the op's use
  6. VirtueViolater

    I need help repairing this red laser pointer

    Most of these import cheap lasers are often full of epoxy anyway, just a waste of time
  7. VirtueViolater

    SciFi repair help - ex SciFi customers only!

    I use a 3 element lens in my 44 build for better beam quality at the cost of a small amount of power
  8. VirtueViolater

    Laser Knowledge Test

    Geezzzz......5 of ten...:LOL...
  9. VirtueViolater

    1.5w 405nm

    Surely not as delicate as the single mode?
  10. VirtueViolater

    1.5w 405nm

    Awesome bit of homework Hak, May be in for one Danny
  11. VirtueViolater

    1.5w 405nm

    Have any members purchased/tested one of these? Just ran across them on fleabay https://www.ebay.com/itm/High-Power-1-5W-1500mW-405nm-UV-Laser-Diode-Module-with-G-2-Collimator-Lens/113257993344?hash=item1a5eb3d480:g:ilUAAOSwoW1bo~dQ:sc:USPSPriorityMailSmallFlatRateBox!36582!US!-1
  12. VirtueViolater


    Where are you seeing these? (subbed)
  13. VirtueViolater

    574nm 36 mW Yellow Laser

    I've seen a similar diffraction off of a cell phone screen
  14. VirtueViolater

    Red Gball coming soon

    Interesting, subbed
  15. VirtueViolater

    Home Made Monster Beam Expander !

    Awesome work guys, always wanted to build my own BE, even collected lenses for a while, never got around to it tho
  16. VirtueViolater

    Hyperion Laser Power Meter For Sale: 2W, 6W, & 20W Version

    whats the price of the 20w version with sensor upgrade and shipping?
  17. VirtueViolater

    new diode 2,1 w-G85

    c mount?
  18. VirtueViolater

    BobMc's Laser Museum

    geezzz bob, you really lasered up since i was a regular here...lol very nice collection
  19. VirtueViolater

    new diode 2,1 w-G85

    I wonder if its possible to block the output of one emitter? would really love to have a 2-3 watt red diode