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    Confusing, strange situation with a “650nm“ 4 pin laser diode / please help

    Hi ( im sorry for my bad english ) I realy hope someone can help me.... today something very strange happened to me. i had a “laser show“ device for 10$. On the package, it says, that the red laser had 100mw / 650nm and the green laser had 50mw 532nm. i took the star effekt filter away and i...
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    Focused laser makes strange effect on my safety glasses

    Hi, I had focused my red laser module ( 60-70mw) to the maximum, to get the smallest dot, for some “burning“. I put then my blue eagle pair glasses on and burnt some black tape. I noticed, when i reached the smallest dot, it started to get like a withe dot, and no more red for this moment...
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    IR filter for green laser, is this one okay?

    Hello, i bought on ebay a IR blocking lens for my 532nm green laser, but im not sure if this lens also blocks the 1064nm infrared, because it says something with:T: < 1% @ 1050nm. I cant insert a link, but here is the description. Listing is for: - (2 Pieces) 2x 9.5mm Optical UV-IR Cut UV...