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  1. lasersbee

    J.BAUER Electronics Shipping Restrictions

    Hi All, tried to post this a few days ago in the Pro Shop but for some reason it was not passed through/Verified by any Mod. Due to the COVID-19 Virus issues.... Until further notice J.BAUER Electronics can no longer ship LPM Products to countries other than Canada and the USA...
  2. lasersbee

    Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year.

    Just thought I would drop in to wish all of LPF a safe and happy Holiday Season and a prosperous New Year. Jerry
  3. lasersbee

    Morons with Drones.........

    Just saw this, this morning. What a cluelees A$$hat endangering lives and putting another nail in the coffin for our RC hobby. https://www.facebook.com/anthonyyoutubevlog/videos/2270055023223165/ Jerry
  4. lasersbee

    18W-20W IR Laser Power Transmitter...

    Just watched this interesting EEVblog video of a not yet on the market Power Transmission product/project that I see some safety problems with... It is claimed to deliver 5 watts of power at ~5 meters using a Tracking Laser Beam. Jerry
  5. lasersbee

    OMG.... The Earth is Flat...

    These are definitely classified as FM. Some people just seem to be a waste of oxygen... Jerry
  6. lasersbee

    TECs used as LPM sensors failures...

    We've been working on a new High Power Thermopile Sensor coating capable of read to 12 watts for a new LaserBee LPM product... Today we started the final tests and as we ramped up the adjustable 40 Watt Laser to near 12 watts the LPM reading started to slowly drop and at 8 watts dropped right...
  7. lasersbee

    Sitewide 10% Holiday Discount on all LaserBee LPM Products until Dec 31/17

    Just a heads up about our LaserBee LPM Website sale until midnight December 31 2017. You will get an automatic 10% Holiday Discount at checkout. Ebay sales stay the same price due to eBay's high fees which are never charged on our Website. We wish you and yours a Happy and safe Holiday...
  8. lasersbee

    Coating Linearity (White Uncoated TECs)

    I thought I'd share this finding... We were doing some Coating Linearity tests yesterday using the new Digital Adjustable Laser Power Supply I had built for the shop in my other Thread. I decided to do a quick test of some Uncoated White TECs to see if they were Wavelength Broadband and...
  9. lasersbee

    Tracking Rogue Drones with DJI Aeroscope

    Looks like DJI is now selling Drone Tracking/Detection technology equipment to authorities and airports to catch the morons that fly in restricted areas... More YouTube Vids on the Technology... https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=DJI+Aeroscope Jerry
  10. lasersbee

    Affordable Adjustable Lab Laser Diode Power Supply

    We've been looking for an adjustable Lab Laser Diode Power supply for quite some time now. We already have a commercial Opto Power Corp OPC4005 40 Amp adjustable Laser Diode supply that we use for Coating testing and LaserBee LPM calibrations. That supply measures about 18" X 14" X 3.5" and...
  11. lasersbee

    Wow.. Just Wow... Google is spying on you...

    By chance I just saw this video... Wow. :wtf:It seems Google is tracking your every move even if GPS is turned OFF on your phone... A real eye opener for me...:eek: xT7fBF78BCM&feature=em-subs_digest Jerry
  12. lasersbee

    Review of the new 15W LPM from LPS....

    I did a bit of testing on this LPM yesterday.... Here are some results... It looks like a cute little LPM at first sight. The first thing I did was look for a USB Charging cable that was not included with the LPM. It was drawing just over 500ma... I find that quite high for the small Li-Po. I...
  13. lasersbee

    Android and iOS App Developers/Programmers

    Was curious if any LPF members have experience in Android and/or iOS App development or programming.. If you have developed some Apps leave some info or links and post them below... :yh: Jerry
  14. lasersbee

    Cooling with Lasers....

    Recently saw this interesting article on research and experiments on using NIR Lasers for cooling... https://www.cnet.com/news/lasers-cool-liquid-for-the-first-time-ever/ Jerry
  15. lasersbee

    iOS or Android

    Hey LPF members... I'd like to know the ratio between iOS users and Android users on the Forum... If you use both then vote for the one you use most often. Jerry
  16. lasersbee

    Hobby Drones in War Scenario

    Just saw this interesting post on Hobby Drones used in war. I guess because they are less expensive than a Predator Drone. https://wetalkuav.com/dji-drones-use...battle-marawi/ Jerry
  17. lasersbee

    Hand Held Cutting Laser

    Was doing some research last night and came across this on Y/T from a few years ago. Thought it was interesting for you High Powered Laser guys.... Jerry
  18. lasersbee

    Ingenious Non-Scanner Set 3D Printed Laser Projector

    Saw this on YouTube this morning... Thought it was a pretty cool 3D Project. Jerry
  19. lasersbee

    Heads Up on PayPal Shipping Labels changes

    Just thought I'd pass on a recent unannounced PayPal change when printing out a PayPal Shipping Label. I had problems getting labels printed out for my customer's orders.. All is fine until you hit the Pay button. Then you get a message that PayPal Shipping Label service is not available...
  20. lasersbee

    FS Time limited 20% OFF on Selected LaserBee LPMs

    This Time Limited Sales Thread has terminated. ================================================= Since it is the end of another fruitful year we are offering a 20% Discount refund to eligible LPF members on any LaserBee A, LaserBee AX or LaserBee AX3 until midnight December 31 2016. We are...