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  1. gillza

    Dual E-drive Guidesman 1.6W

    Hi there. Here is my recent build/upgrade. This handheld was initially completed a while ago. I have recently decided to upgrade its driver to get a slightly higher output. Formalities out of the way: I do own several pairs of protective goggles for all the wavelengths that I “play” with...
  2. gillza

    Engagement ring box with light mod idea.

    Hi All, I am going to propose to my girlfriend very soon and I had an idea to modify the ring box a bit. I got the idea while on the hunt for a ring.. a salesperson in one of the jewelry stores was all excited to show me how one company presented their rings. It was set in a box and when...
  3. gillza

    Bluray S06J in SAIK SA-305 980mA @ ~745mA, tutorial, long, boring and picture heavy

    Hello, I’d like to share with you my recent build. I was trying to reach/pass the 1W mark with this laser. I got very close but not quite :). It reads at 980mW. Formalities out of the way: I do own several pairs of protective goggles for all the wavelengths that I “play” with. Materials...
  4. gillza

    Diodes specs and build compilation threads?

    We used to have bunch of stickies with diode information compilations in them such as pinout, tested currents, voltages and outputs. In addition there were 2 or 3 threads with build compilations for a specific diode. As a beginner I found them really helpful in figuring out what host to use...
  5. gillza

    low output driver for red diode

    I'd like to find out if there is currently a driver available (besided flexdrive v5) that could provide 450-500mA of current with one cell for red diode? P.S. if there is no such thing what coulld I use with two cells? Thank you very much in advance!
  6. gillza

    Calorimeter based Laser Power Meter (LPM)

    Hey All, After doing a bit of searching here I was puzzled to not be able to find anybody trying to make an LPM using a simple calorimeter. One can possibly make such calorimeter using known amount of water, heat insulating container, and something that will be suspended in the middle of the...
  7. gillza

    DIY: LPC-815 at 0.45A, Ehgemus Easy Build Host, Flexdrive v5

    Hello, I'd like to share my recently completed project. My apologies in advance for the quality of the pictures. I do not have the camera except for the one in my Samsung Vibrant :( Materials: Diode: LPC-815 (This GB) Driver: Flexdrive v5 (set it myself to 0.45A) Host: Easy Build (made by...
  8. gillza

    DIY LPC-815 @ 500mA in Ehgemus host.

    Dear forum members, I am a new member here and just recently have assembled my first laser pointer following i-hacked guide (blu-ray in Dorcy Jr.), and today I need your suggestions/advice/comments regarding my current project. Next week or so (payday is this Friday :) ) I'm planning on...
  9. gillza

    Hello from NE Phildelphia

    Hey everybody. I'm a new member here and a total noob (self-admittedly). My interests are Chemistry/BioChemistry (also my occupation), screwing around with computers, playing with Linux OS's (so far mostly Ubuntu, but had used Debian, Maemo, Android and Red Hat when it was called that), and...