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  1. herektir

    rcr2 batteries

    I'm looking for decent cr2 li ion for an older 30mw green handheld i use for star pointing with my telescope. I havent been able to find many for sale at all other than sketchy ***fire batteries which i wont use anymore. Does anyone know of a source for a couple of rcr2s that arent new old stock?
  2. herektir

    new rayfoss laser broken in shipment

    I ordered a 50mw waterproof bluray from rayfoss which took about 3 weeks to arrive. Unfortunatly it arrived broken. The diode lens appears shattered. The bubblewrap envelope it arrived in was mostly popped and there was a visible crush point on the box holding the laser. Since this is not...
  3. herektir

    cr2 battery question

    Hi. I'm fairly new to the forum and have a question. I have used the search function but cant find the answer with the many many pages of topics that dont actually address the problem. I have just ordered a 50 mw bluray waterproof laser from rayfoss based on general opinions on this forum...