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  1. upaa27

    CO2 Power Supply Schematic Help

    Hello all, I recently aquired a 50w co2 tube and have been designing a psu for it. I am pretty new to circuit design so I wanted to ask you guys for some help and suggestions on my current schematic. IT IS NOT DONE yet which is why some of the values have not been calculated yet. I am just...
  2. upaa27

    Cubote Laser Review

    Hello all, So you have all probably come across the seller Cubote during some threads. He mainly got backlash for constant advertising but I would like to say that he is legit! He sent me a pointer for free and it just came in the mail today in a really nice bubblewrapped package. Here are...
  3. upaa27

    Push button help

    Hello all. For a new build I am using an LED pushbutton and to test everything out I hooked everything up but for some reason the switch lights but the LED I connected it to does not when I push the button. I have looked for a datasheet to no prevail. I have tried every single combonation for...
  4. upaa27

    WTB: Survival Lasers contact board

    Hello all, I would like to buy a sl contact board for a build I am doing. Would anyone happen to have a working one? If so pm me. SL is out of stock of them atm. Otherwise I could try making a contact board however I would not like it to be crude so if you guys have any contact board...
  5. upaa27

    Peltier Chip for handheld cooling

    Hello all! So for awhile now I have been working on and designing a triple diode NDB7A75 and was thinking about cooling(obviously) that would work in a handheld. I was looking for something that wouldn't break easily and didn't move(aka a water pump) and began learning about the Peltier chip...
  6. upaa27

    Laser diode identification

    Hello all, I recently salvaged a laptop for it's heatsink and fan for a 3d printer so I decided to also salvage the laser stuff. The only problem is, I have no idea what kind of LDs I got. The DVD/CD reader DVD burner assembly First diode. Looks like a short can Smaller diode Same as...
  7. upaa27


    Hey all, After reading posts about how it is not too late to introduce yourself I decided to do what I should have done a while ago... Introduce myself! I got interested in lasers about 2 years ago and started reading around here until finally joining. I didn't have much time though as I was...
  8. upaa27

    Heat sinking for an x-drive?

    Hello all, As you all know the x-drive is a rectangular shape and I have mine set at 3.5 amps. Running it this high really needs heat sinking although I do not know the best way to do this. I read that you can just epoxy on a slab of copper but that seems very crude unless you fin it. What...
  9. upaa27

    Laser Wiki

    Hey guys, I do not know if this has already been posted but there is a laser wiki up! Lasers Wiki It is under development, but still has quite a few pages on some of our favorite laser diodes, drivers, lpms etc. The information is also pretty detailed and is really useful. If someone here...
  10. upaa27

    NDB7A75 Chart

    Hey all, Would any of you happen to have a power chart of the NDB7A75 driven at 3.5a? I really need one as my radiant x4 cannot measure that high. Any power chart will do. Thanks! -upaa27
  11. upaa27

    A New Machinist

    Hey all, I have access to a 4 axis CNC mill and a lathe. I have just started working on them and just went in today with some copper and aluminum for around 3 hours and came out with these results. This will be the heatsink(I will polish it tomorrow) Here is the battery tube Sorry about...
  12. upaa27

    Combining a third beam

    Hi all, I am beginning to collect all the materials for my next build which will be a triple diode the only problem is combining a third beam. I have been doing a lot of research on the combining of light but I have not been able to find anywhere that can explain principles of combining a...
  13. upaa27

    Can anybody machine this?

    Hey guys, I have been working on a triple diode host design for a while now. I was wondering if anyone would be able to build it. If you can, I can send you the cad so that you can see all the measurements etc. It was created in google sketchup. Front veiw of the heatsink(main thing in...
  14. upaa27

    445nm 3w+ Build/Review

    Hi all, I have recently finished a 445nm 3w< build that I would like to share with you guys. This will also be a review for the parts that I used. This is my first build/review so any criticism and advice would be appreciated. Here is the main module and all parts of this were purchased...
  15. upaa27

    4 diode laser?

    Hey all, I have just recently watched https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yXEGlfKmspc and was very impressed seeing a triple diode laser that is handheld(sort of) and was wondering if anyone on these forums have gotten a handheld laser(not a labby) past the 10w marker? This question is mainly just...