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    Need a labby with good duty cycle

    Hello LPF, Until Now i have seen and used handhelds and now i want a laser which has some decent duty cycle which can run for few hours together. I know labby's have decent amount of duty cycle but don't know how long and what are the different labby's i can get. I have read about TEC and...
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    Blord's 501B 1W 445nm Blue/Voilet

    Hello folks, This is going to be my first review here on the LPF. Let's get started.:can: So, Here goes the timeline: Pre-sale: 9th December - I Order the Laser, Payment confirmed:paypal: 10th December - Blord ships the laser W/ Tracking (Reg. parcel) 13th December - Reaches Mumbai Foreign Post...
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    Making our own Modules and Housings?

    The place where I live we can't get laser housings / modules easily. And ordering online is is bit a pain in the butt for me. So, I have a friend who has a lathe machine, can I manufacture my own housings/ modules with the lathe machine. I know there are some housing standards like 12x30mm...
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    Help needed with diode extraction

    Hello folks, I extracted a diode from a DVD burner and everything's nice except it's pins are soldered to some copper plastic like thing and I've cut all of them except near the pins. So, should I desolder it or solder it directly to the soldered pins. And what wires should I use when soldering...
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    Which one of these is a Diode?

    Hello LPF, I had this broken laptop lying in my store for many days and I decided to harvest some beautiful diodes out of the Sony Optiarc CRX880A DVD burner. I have harvested the Diodes(looks like them, i'm not sure), but to my surprise I didn't find any rectangular, circle, round diode, which...
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    Heatsink used in laser projector and scanners

    I was just wondering what kind of heat-sinks do they use in laser projectors and scanners. Apparently, these projectors must run for a long time in parties and events, so how much duty cycle can they put on and what kind of heat-sinks do you guys use for these projectors and put out a beautiful...
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    LaserPod Startup on Kickstarter

    Just came across this experiment/Product called LaserPod which basically is a laser projector designed in a way that it creates beautiful light by a rotating laser optic. Looks quite interesting and all but it haven't got much backers yet:undecided:. Just take a look for yourself -:) Link Here...
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    Mount Everest, in two billion pixels BIG Picture

    https://s3.amazonaws.com/Gigapans/EBC_Pumori_050112_8bit_FLAT/EBC_Pumori_050112_8bit_FLAT.html pan, zoom, scroll and have fun.
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    Adding shoutbox / chat module to the forum

    As the title explains it all, don't you guys think we need a chatbox / shoutbox for the basic interactions. Instead of PM'ing and waiting for each others reply's it's better if we add a AJAX Shoutbox module so that it serves as basic chat for all users and anyone can ask and get replies for any...
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    How to make our own custom Hosts?

    So, here comes my first question. I have been searching for this the whole forum and also on the internet (google) and decided to open this thread.:whistle: As the title reads, how do you guys make beautiful exotic hosts?:san: The thing is we don't get any parts required to build a laser and...
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    Hello everyone!

    so, here i am LPF.. I've been stalking, reading , visiting (or whatever appropriate fills in here) the LPF forum from past few months. But, i never attempted to register here, maybe just because i felt there was no need to. But, after witnessing this incredible warm friendly community,:bowdown...