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    The great American eclipse Aug. 21 2017

    Just wanting to see if anyone has any plans to try and be somewhere in the path of totality for this event? If so, and you have to travel, where and why that location? I'm leaning towards St. Joseph, Missouri. Mostly because there is a full event already planned there, which will have some...
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    Windows 10 slow?

    Hey all, I'd like to get some opinions from anyone else running windows 10 on their computer. I currently have 2 computers running 10 (a laptop, and a tower), and both were originally Windows 7 that were converted to 10 via the free downloaded upgrade. I haven't noticed any issues yet with the...
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    test/dummy load

    Anyone have any sources for a good test load? I know of Jufran88's 3A test load, which looks nice. But he hasn't been active since February, so I'm not sure if those are still available. I thought that I'd ask here first before I waited for an unknown amount of time for him to respond. I think...
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    Finally getting into the hobby.

    Hello all, Thought that I'd finally do a quick introduction. My name is Chris, and I live in Northern AZ. Automotive has always been my passion, but electronics, and different science aspects have been right there too. My dad was an electrical engineer, and taught me basic electronics knowledge...