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  1. WizardG


    I shot them a resume and did an interview but long story short I waited too long to apply. Oh well, my current gig doesn't suck and the pay allows me to fantasize not too unrealistically about how to coil a pumped fiber laser into a lightsaber handle....
  2. WizardG

    Making a portable CO2 laser?

    I don't disagree with you very often Cyp', but that statement about the current limit on a flyback in a ZVS circuit...... I've built quite a few ZVS+flyback circuits and the higher power ones will do several hundred mA into an arc. The flyback will be destroyed in under a minute at those kinds...
  3. WizardG

    Hologram Laser Questions

    Should be in the 30-40 cm range. A spatial filter can improve performance considerably. An SP-127 is the holography laser I learned on. Ah the nostalgia.......
  4. WizardG

    Hologram Laser Questions

    To the first question, I'm not sure. You could try making one. As for a laser with good coherence length @ or near 638nm, hard to beat good old fashioned HeNe. You won't have 100s of mW to play with but the beam quality from a good HeNe tube is great for holography.
  5. WizardG

    Hologram Laser Questions

    "Would a longer coherence length also yield a deeper field of view?" Yes, It sounds like this may your issue. A spatial filter might help.
  6. WizardG

    Not working

    Are they protected cells?
  7. WizardG

    selling 2 Nd:GdCOB crystals

    I'm tempted but I've got too many other projects right now. If I was sure these weren't hygroscopic I'd bite but I don't want to have one sit for a year and be ruined by humidity before I get to it.
  8. WizardG

    my laser doesn't work for a unknown reason

    OK, This is a common problem so try this: put the batteries in WITHOUT the tailcap. Short the battery end to the case of the laser with wire or foil or whatever. Does the laser light up? Then you have a bad tailcap/switch.
  9. WizardG

    selling 2 Nd:GdCOB crystals

    How much pump power can these handle?
  10. WizardG

    Laser pen overheating

    Take the battery out and look up into the battery compartment. From the symptoms I think you'll see the spring up there is bent. I don't think your laser is heating up. I think your battery is getting shorted by a bent spring and it's the battery that's getting hot.
  11. WizardG

    Neje 30W help please

    Hmm... Even if you somehow did something to kill the driver they should at least be offering to R&R the beast. Can we know who you bought it from?
  12. WizardG

    Neje 30W help please

    3 leads... SOT transistor? If the thing only lasted a few seconds ping the retailer who sold it to you.
  13. WizardG

    Signal Questions

    Your question indicates you do not have a general understanding of the difference between TTL and analog inputs. TTL is a digital signal; 1 or zero, high or low. It turns the laser on or off but doesn't dim it (except for PWM). Analog control allows for throttling of the laser, varying the...
  14. WizardG

    The batteries' struggle

    Boost drivers anyone?
  15. WizardG

    The batteries' struggle

    Sounds about right. But you'll find more long-term happiness if you choose batteries capable of at least twice what you actually expect you'll need. The lower the internal resistance of the battery the better. A battery with twice the mAh rating is no better than a lower rated cell if it...
  16. WizardG

    Wicked Laser X10 beam expander

    There may be some here who can answer your questions but you may have to wait a while. WL was (is) such a ripoff they don't get a lot of respect around here. That being said, I wouldn't mind having one of their original 473nm Spyder lasers.
  17. WizardG

    The batteries' struggle

    Power=volts x amps If you double the battery voltage, a good driver will cut the current draw by half. If your laser will achieve full power with a good 18650 I'd go with that and use a protected cell. The 18350 types are usually unprotected, meaning you can drain them enough to ruin them...
  18. WizardG

    Reliable red dot laser module?

    Dirt cheap, and this one's been going for years: https://laserpointerforums.com/threads/the-little-diode-that-could.86460/
  19. WizardG

    Duty Cycle of Sanwu “Laser Ranger”

    OK, first things first. If you're set on starting with 1 watt+ then before you ever order the laser ORDER SAFETY GOGGLES! 1.2 or 1.6 watts is plenty to burn your house down accidentally. That's enough power to screw up your eyes.....for life.......in an instant of inattention.