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  1. BrewCityMusic

    Thumbs UP for O-like

    SO ... After being MIA from lasers for awhile, I decided to place an order with O-like *Before* I had a chance to check online and see if they were still as reliable as they were years ago. Obviously, the few negative reviews here were a point of concern (as back when I left the hobby, they were...
  2. BrewCityMusic

    Help needed w Warez crack

    Hey guys - this is SO stupid, but i bought a software suite a couplke of years back that included 2 years worth of updates, etc AND of course had to reinstall with the new computer and can't find the unlock code! Tech support basically told me to get bent and/or repurchase the software, but i...
  3. BrewCityMusic

    209mW Custom Daguin Build Kryton GGW

    BUMP and final incentive - $210 shipped in the Us and i'll throw in both a 61mW 532nm AAA laser (brand new) as well as the 50mW 532nm Labbie head as outlined below - the company van died so I NEED the cash !!! I bought this beautiful Anodized Kryton from Dave (Daguin) last summer, and it has...
  4. BrewCityMusic

    Dual Laser Display - No Diodes/Drivers

    Hi All - after a brief hiatus due to an incredibly hectic business schedule as well as a particularly nasty separation, I'm back in the laser world and am cleaning house a bit ... Here I have a SHINP DL-33/100 laser system minus the drivers and lasers (they were pulled to upgrade a couple of...
  5. BrewCityMusic

    2002 Gibson Les Paul Custom

    Hey Guys - I found myself in a bind this week and have decided there is NO way I'm selling any more of my lasers, so before I throw this baby on Ebay or CL, I figured I'd see if maybe I could find a buyer here. I need a LOT less cash than she's worth, so I'm looking for a cash plus laser(s)...
  6. BrewCityMusic

    Rayfoss Modules Revisited

    I just felt it was neccessary to recap my experiences with Rayfoss and their green modules now that a few months have passed and real-world information and experience come into play. I originally purchased 2 of the 150mW modules back in July, and the shipping was speedy (as most Rayfoss...
  7. BrewCityMusic

    yellow dot in field of vision (6X BR laser)

    If it's gone in the morning I'll let you know, but this doesn't look good. I know better.
  8. BrewCityMusic

    Resolving the 8X BDR sled mess

    Before the whole subject gets out of hand (and before too many others waste good money) I want to see what opinions everyone has regarding the BDR-S03 sleds. As we are seeing, they are generally NOT working for our intended application, which is building lasers. And unfortunately, there are...
  9. BrewCityMusic

    WTB 16mm Clicky Switches in US

    I'm prototyping a few new host designs with my machinist and G^&(^%% Deal Extreme hasn't shipped my 16mm clicky switches yet .... Anyone in the US who can spare a few (3-5)? Let me know - I'd appreciate it!
  10. BrewCityMusic

    Ever see a Grown Man cry? Herc 4 Sale

    Well, it looks like the time has come - the laser collection has grown to the point where I really need to sit back and take stock in which lasers I really USE and which ones might be better off in a home where they'll get the love and attention they deserve... For Sale, Laserglow Hercules SN#...
  11. BrewCityMusic

    My first HeNe laser - WOO HOO!!!

    Thanks to Daguin (Dave - Thanks Again, Amigo!) I finally obtained my first HeNe laser to build a new desk lamp, $18 shipped with power supply and switch/fuse plate, not too shabby! (The best part was the seller was literally 6 miles from my house, I wasn't able to catch him before he shipped but...
  12. BrewCityMusic

    O-like 150mW green confusion - ???

    Take a look at the O-like "new arrivals" and riddle me this, you can buy their 130-150mW module for $109, 650mA draw, etc OR you can buy their 150mW pocket laser in the KD-style host for $105 shipped, same output guarantee, same current draw (which leads one to assume it's the same module)...
  13. BrewCityMusic

    Dell Notebook Help - WORST WEEKEND EVER

    So the rock and roll lifestyle seems to be taking its' toll on the equipment this week, at a show on Sat one of my guys closed the cover of one of our notebooks with an altoid sitting on the palm rest and cracked the screen, last night an unruly patron was in the process of getting tossed out of...
  14. BrewCityMusic

    New Hosts by Ehgemus for Green Modules

    I wish I had a dollar for every different host I've worked with in this hobby - I'd take the $$ and buy a ton of these incredible, reasonably-priced quality hosts from Ehgemus, right here on the "Buy-Sell-Trade" thread! Forget "flashlight" hosts, adapters, complicated assembly, etc - These...
  15. BrewCityMusic

    Boat FS in SE WI / NE Illinois

    Just wondering if any forum members are looking for a cheap boat, I bailed a buddy out of some trouble yesterday (long story) and ended up with his boat which I don't need... It's a 15ft 1973 Caravelle Bowrider with 70HP Chrysler, nice tilt trailer, new upholstery last summer (still in perfect...
  16. BrewCityMusic

    Aixiz International - Two Thunbs Up!

    Just a quick "stroke" here (and not the apoplectic, "grab your head and collapse" kind that we are all familiar with when dealing with many of the vendors out there in this hobby) for Dr. Charles Maricle of Aixiz International. Awhile back I ordered a bunch of 50mW Green Lab-Style Lasers...
  17. BrewCityMusic

    Any FTA Sat Junkies out there?

    Just wanted to let all you "FTA" types that no matter how confusing the forums and info have become since the Nagra3 conversion, there is one confirmed fact I can share: Kbox Prodigy with Khub - 81 DN channels confirmed, HOORAY! For those unfamiliar with the Kbox, of all the STB's I've owned...
  18. BrewCityMusic

    100mW Mini-RPL with SXD Module 4 Sale

    What makes this laser stand out is the incredible beam - SXD modules are far higher quality than your "run-of-the-mill" Chinese green, and the beam on this one is excellent! With CR123 battery this settles at 96-99mW on the Laserbee, and with RCR123 battery peaks at 113mW and settles to...
  19. BrewCityMusic

    Rayfoss 150mW Green 632nm Modules Review

    First, allow me to say that the level of response and customer service from Rayfoss has been amazing! As many of you are aware of, I buy many (in some cases, WAY too many) different lasers and components for resale from various vendors, always looking for better service and higher quality vs...
  20. BrewCityMusic

    120mW+ Module in KD50 Host 4 Sale

    KD50 host with 120+mW module, tailclick, nice heatsinking, uses single CR2 battery, includes case and battery (will also use rechargeable 3.6v CR2's and will give higher peak output, but I'm not a big fan of using them as these modules are only rated to 3.6v and the rechargeables can go as high...