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  1. borgqueenx

    SOLD: Ophir 4w LPM.

    Basicly this thread all over again :) https://laserpointerforums.com/threads/sold-ophir-lpm.83782/ Im stopping my laser hobby for the moment so i dont need this anymore. Still in perfect shape, asking 300 dollar plus shipping. EDIT: Sold!
  2. borgqueenx

    FS: Look Unique 2.1 Hazer - Europe Only

    Selling my Look Unique 2.1 Hazer machine. Barely used and works for the full 100%. - 1/4 of its initial bottle of haze fluid has been used. Comes with extra bottle of haze fluid. Looking for 600 euro sold including shipping to europe.
  3. borgqueenx

    FS: Laser Projector 2.5 watts

    Includes: 30k scanners. Emergency stop. Beautiful Wooden case with 2 fans blowing in and a top fan blowing out. ILDA. DMX. Lasever 1200mW 532nm green module. (loosing power due to not proper aligned) Blue 1500mW 445nm module. Red 700mW 638nm module. LPM'd about 2 years ago. The projector is...
  4. borgqueenx

    FS 7W 445nm laser with batteries > 250 dollar only.

    Selling my Sci-Fi laser 7W 445nm laser. i have a ophir head LPM but it instantly goes to 4W and cannot go higher so i cant 100% LPM it, but this thing is a beast. I had some trouble at first with buying it but got a replacement and works like a charm. Selling it because some trouble in real...
  5. borgqueenx

    WTB:1w 532nm laser pointer

    800-1000mw also acceptable but not less. Wondering who makes the cheapest lasers out there for this power? Any used onces? recommendations? thanks! price im looking for is variable but not more then 600 dollar.
  6. borgqueenx

    WTB: Jetlasers key tailcap 3,5mm

    Does someone make these keys? i remember someone making these. I lost my key so i would like a new tailcap 3,5mm key so the laser works again.
  7. borgqueenx

    Wtb: jetlasers 3,5mm tailcap key

    Jetlasers ignores my emails to ask if i can buy one...i have a 523nm laser thats unusable because i lost the tailplug...the 3,5mm one. Does someone make these or has these? Would be awesome to already get a push in the right direction. Thanks!
  8. borgqueenx

    WTB: NUBM07E laser pointer

    And what price would you kind sir ask? the lens to be put on would be one for the best divergence, not for the most power if possible :) I see 5 watts can be made with this diode. If you can reach 4,5 watts im already happy enough. also a nice blue host would be awesome ^^
  9. borgqueenx


    6-7w of 445nm, who wouldnt like such a bad boy laser? I decided to get a refund for a other product i had pre-ordered and went for the 6-7w 445nm laser from sci-fi lasers. Communication was kind of bad at start. About 3 to 5 times he forget about my question and would get back to me first thing...
  10. borgqueenx

    How to put thumbnails on this forum?

    Just curious how to place smaller images on this forum, linked to the larger full size images.
  11. borgqueenx

    Jazz jackrabbit dance lasershow!

    A piece of work im kinda proud of:) This one is also to the good old days i spend playing jazz jackrabbit 2! Basheman - Medieval Rave Lasershow - YouTube but by the way, youtube killed the quality of the video :( even in 1080p it isnt as nice as the original file.
  12. borgqueenx

    Can someone do me a favor in the US?

    i have seen this beautiful sword for devil may cry, and want to have it for a cosplay event. Unfortunatly its a stopid store that only ships to the states.. Can anyone accept this sword and then send it to me? importing swords is 100% legal here. i will ofcource pay for shipping and include a...
  13. borgqueenx

    WTS: Laserbee 2.5W

    Picture: http://d.pr/i/217t for more information about the LPM i suggest you see this topic: http://laserpointerforums.com/f39/f64/fs...now-61644.html Price i paid was about 230 dollar including shipping. Repaired and fully functioncal thanks to offroadfreak. See results down the topic here...
  14. borgqueenx

    Is usps still crappy in status updates?

    My usps package send by priority mail had it last status on the 23nd this month..that it was going to sorting centre. Well nothing's chanced yet so i was wondering if usps is still super lazy in scanning or that it got stolen :/
  15. borgqueenx

    Why have i not seen laser pointers like this? (laser pointer Idea)

    Just a idea that popped into my head.... donmt know why people didnt build it yet. seems a simple yet powerful idea. You can even hold it on a cool way...by allowing the beam to go through your fore finger and middle finger. And combinations of blue and red would be possible with this. for...
  16. borgqueenx

    Wtb: Lpm 3w+

    Well, my old lasersbee LPM finally gave up on me. loose wires and now the sensor head fell off, probaly because it couldnt handle the heat(2,2W out of 2.5W max allowed). I would like to buy a used or new LPM product. Please contact me for a price and photos etc. my max price is 350 dollar...
  17. borgqueenx

    Buying: Who can build a module for me?(~900USD)

    Searching a red laser module wich can do ~1W of 637 - 642nm. Max beam size can be 3,6x3,6mm and max divergence i allow is 1.5mrad. It also must support analogue modulation, and have the max dimensions like in this picture: Droplr ? IMG_5688.JPG After a 2 year search of a laser wich can do this...
  18. borgqueenx

    Modded AR Drone with LED's and extra's

    Selling a fully working AR Drone 1.0 wich flies very nicely. Its a very complete set with alot extra's and addititions to the drone itself. I do not want this drone anymore. im tired of the expensive hobby and am now completly focussed on my laser hobby. What you will get: -AR Drone 1.0 with...
  19. borgqueenx

    Checking normality of dot

    Just checking if this is an acceptable dot: Droplr • iPhone image on 2012-11-07 at 20:35:33.jpg Its 21mm wide and didnt measure the y. The distance between galvo's and that couch is 5 meters. its a M140 diode with 2 prism pairs for correction. I thought the prism pairs were supposed to bring a...
  20. borgqueenx

    Do NOT ship with USPS expensive methods if you live in NL/europe

    Second time in a row now and third time all together. You can can ship something with expensive usps postage to make it get here faster, but you will pay more and it will work vice versa - you'l get it later. Cheapest option(for example a part that fits a enveloppe) is the best to go. it gets...