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  1. bennett326

    stepper motor help

    Thanks + :beer:
  2. bennett326

    stepper motor help

    is it really that simple? For some reason I had myself convinced methis was a hard task. Hahaha Also thanks
  3. bennett326

    stepper motor help

    I don't even have the driver yet. In all honesty I don't know what to get. everything I see is for cnc but with they function without a pc linked And I want to control them with the same signal. Not individual input Thanks for your reply.
  4. bennett326

    stepper motor help

    Hey guys it's been a while! I've been working on quite a few non laser related projects and need some help. Essentially I am trying to build a glass blowing lathe. Which has two headstocks that rotate in sync. At first I was gonna power them off one motor and use a splined shaft to power the...
  5. bennett326

    Moving Sale- 3W MagLite, Ophir LPM, Groove & Custom C6 Host(s), Heatsink, Drivers etc

    Re: Collection clearout- Lasers, OPHIR, Hosts, Batteries, Heatsink, Diodes, Drivers, how heavily used are the 18650 cells? where they harvested? and if so from new or used battery packs?
  6. bennett326

    I Pledge that I....

    ill pledge to stop cupping my farts and then throwing them at my enemies (in public only though) watch?v=384l-tgjptQ#t=17
  7. bennett326

    Some peoples kids :twak:

    :crackup: :crackup: dude the FBI just took my laser targeted infrared thermometer. bar code scanners are about to be taken too. don't forget the laser level i hang pictures with
  8. bennett326

    (SOLD!)For the E-Cig Vapers of the Forum

    Re: For the E-Cig Vapers of the Forum could you post more pictures please? thanks
  9. bennett326


  10. bennett326


    looks good also if you want more of a throat hit get some high PG,nicotine juice
  11. bennett326


    yes you need a better one my setup is $37.21 Innokin iTaste SVD Variable Voltage/Wattage Mod / APV - telescopic / VV / VW at FastTech - Worldwide Free Shipping $2.62 EVOD Electronic Cigarettes Round Mouth Atomizer (1.5mL) - stainless steel / 2.6? at FastTech - Worldwide Free Shipping the tank...
  12. bennett326

    How do you spend your weekends?

    friday: work saturday: sleep then work sunday: work
  13. bennett326

    New cheap goggles at FastTech?

    i cant say anything about the goggles but i can say fastech is great i have ordered a few times from there. but warning DO NOT buy batteries( if USING HK POST) or e-liquid. they are having a customs problem with HK post. my order placed on 9-13 contained ejuice and is still in customs. my order...
  14. bennett326

    Updated 8/30/14-- daguin - Hand Helds, Labby's, and HeNe, and HeCd Oh My!

    Re: Round III: daguin's Cleaning Out the Drawers Sale i may have asked you before but im not sure if its the same laser... the 1W 655 what are the beam specs and how would it compare to a uncorrected 445nm. its for my projector. thanks :beer:
  15. bennett326

    Sci-fi Laser : Ironman

    yep everything is a wave. theoretically even you have a wavelength ;) in chemistry class we calculated the wavelength of a moving car pretty wild ..:D
  16. bennett326

    Thx Stin for volunteering logo

    agreed the one in the sig is much better
  17. bennett326

    Baron's Garage Sale

    prices for the game boys? or are they there and im blind?(it wouldnt be the first time)
  18. bennett326

    FS: Old Laptop, Working

    guys you really don't want batteries that have been cycled probably daily for the past 5 years. at 300 cycles batteries might hold 80% of thier original capacity, and it keeps going down. do yourselves a favor and buy new high quality cells. here is more info for those interested Alternative...
  19. bennett326

    20% off! Mohgasm.com

    can i offer a solution to what you are saying on the homepage of you're site? raise you're prices, seriously you should be making enough to cover your time spent. :can:
  20. bennett326

    Looking for new soldering iron, suggestions?

    where you talking about this part? if so that's a spare heating element:beer: