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  1. sandidgepatrick

    DEAL OF THA YR. ////all sold

    ALL SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i just made a career change and dont have much time these days im selling all but a small greenie ...1st olike crown upgrade 532@ 600mw which is 400mw of pure green threw i.r. filter only used a few times i bought from yobresal a month ago it comes with...
  2. sandidgepatrick

    RHD built silver "Dart" 635nm / 500mW/175.00

    ive had this unit for a couple weeks used it maybe 4 min.s on and off never over 15sec. bursts....burns very well ive been down the red laser road before i just lost interest i really perfer blues/greens/yellows soooooo im letting it go at really good deal as a combo which consists of laser,2...
  3. sandidgepatrick

    saftey glasses needed!!!!! 600nm +

    anyone have a used pair they wanna sell???? i have a red635 in route and really dont want to wait weeks on china order....tks brothers!!!!!edit!!!!!!! ordered from china ...ebay!!!!!!!!
  4. sandidgepatrick

    night time laser shots!!!//snow

    just got home from work and it just started snowing like no other....lasers are awesome when it snows.....had laser focased for wide beam shots...
  5. sandidgepatrick

    Merry christmas l.p.f.!!!!!!!!

    merry xmas to all members hope everyone has a great one... especially my friends here on the forum...my life is so on the up and up i cant contain myself life is great...LIVESTRONG!!!!!! HAPPY NEWYEARS!!!!! see yah in nashville atop the skyscaper shining the lasers... :beer: so...
  6. sandidgepatrick

    5 watt lpm by nospin!!!!!!!!!!!!

    its been awhile since ive posted on lpf had a very rough time these last couple month due to deaths/work and other things i would rather not tell u about.....these days now are great and wonderful loving life nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww to the sale!!!!! these are 285.00new and mine is new without...
  7. sandidgepatrick

    wlaser 35w flashlight torches

    i had no idea wlaser sold hid flashlights so here you go these units come with charger ,batt....im pretty sure they are under 150.00 shipped...i will post 2marrow the final l.p.f. cost....i may be able to do some kind of gb at a discounted rate....im getting one regardless to do basic review...
  8. sandidgepatrick

    Laser cases!!!!!!!

    I believe there was a few members asking about laser cases awhile back well here are a few of mine. the reason i posted this thread is because is was strolling threw walmart and seen a small alunimum case that looked perfect for lasers heck it looked like laserglows case but smaller it was...
  9. sandidgepatrick

    200mw green pen(new)

    well my friend backed out on this after i already bought it so who wants it...peaks at over 200mw averages 185mw non IR filtered, no scratches comes with carring case and 2 brandnew AAAs lithiun ion batt.s(5.99)also included in price...85.00 shipped
  10. sandidgepatrick


    CUSTOMS is cracking down on inbound items esp. from china...ive ordered items from 3 different places all are on hold...has anyone else having more problems than usual...i contacted one company (lightake) they sent me email telling that there is an alert going on bringing heighten security to...
  11. sandidgepatrick

    laserglow herc. case/2 tripods/lg tripod adapter /200mw pen/titanlaser/expanderx10

    laserglow locking carring case 60.00 shipped(cant buy one of these unless u acually own a herc)/ tripods 30.00 u pay shipping/laserglow tripod adapter 35.00 shipped/ 220mw wlaser pen brand new i had a friend wanting this unit he backed out....its 220 peak averages 190mw its non IR filtered...i...
  12. sandidgepatrick

    2 highpowered 200mw pens 90.00 shipped SOLD!!!!

    i have 2/ 532 pens 4sale.....both are from wlaser one of them peaks at 250mw averages 230mw other peaks at 220mw settles around 200mw both come with carring cases..3o day warranty....100.00each plus shipping
  13. sandidgepatrick

    cni gpl 445 pen fs

    cni gpl pen 445 at 650mw.....built by yobresal .... im thinking about selling this awesome unit anyone interested pm me your best offer over ...not focasable its fixed beam..still burns great tho...150.00
  14. sandidgepatrick

    Dragonlaser x10 expander & 3 attachments

    dragonlaser doesnt even stock these anymore who knows if they ever will...im selling this unit for 100.00 plus shipping.....it comes with 3 attachments to fit the different sizes...cni pens,spartan,viper,aurora,ect...
  15. sandidgepatrick

    35w torch

    im going to upgrade to a 50w torch anyone want my35w hid flaslight for 120.00?????i posted it in b,s,t, its under lots of lasers...tks
  16. sandidgepatrick

    LOTS OF LASERS 4SALE!!!594,405,532,cni,dl,wl

    ok its that time for me to sell off a few laser so i can upgrade on others.. DRAGONLASERS 594mn yellow/orange 1mw/3mm 230.00 shipped ////DRAGONLASER beam expander x10 plus all 3 attachments 100.00///WICKEDLASER CORE 5mw 30.00 shipped(wl case,manual,)/// 3 405mn pens...
  17. sandidgepatrick

    highpowered pen builds

    anyone wanting to build there very own highpowered pen??? i have been converting all these old 5mw pens i have laying around into highpowered units tks to wlaser...u can purchase 100, or 150mw modules from them for 40.00/60.00....its simple but fun process of taking...
  18. sandidgepatrick

    wlaser new 50mW torch

    here is wlasers new torch its replacing other 50mw torch ...its 23.00 wlaser is u.s. based,2/3day shipping,warranty,great customer service... also i posted wlaer link for other wlaser products....NOTE; prices for individual units are the same as 10 unit price for...
  19. sandidgepatrick

    fs/ 900 lumens p7/3d maglite 75.00 sold!!!!!

    sold!!!!!!!!!!!this is a very nice bright flashlight...antimony trioxide sells these for 150.00 this one is red 3 d batterys...i was blown away at how bright it was but now i want more more more 3700 lumens in near future...this unit has only been used for 10 min. max brand...
  20. sandidgepatrick

    WTB lithium multi-charger...plus 18650 batt.

    THREAD CLOSED..TKSive tried a few places but most are out of stock .....needing multi-functional charger ....also needing 18650 batt. 2400mah maybe some of my friends have an extra lying around tks.. really dont want to buy one overseas and wait 2weeks ..this will be my...