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  1. RedCowboy

    The Orwellian Nightmare is closer than you think.

    We already know everything we say and do/purchase online is saved in our forever files and cellphones collect a lot of data other than voice/texts/pics but with these private companies wanting to fashion individual advertising as well as spy for big brother without a warrant and they do, private...
  2. RedCowboy

    CO2 or active fiber ?

    The box looks too small for a CO2 tube and cooler, also the objective/output optic is too small, I'm thinking active fiber.... Yes this company makes a lot of CO2 lasers but this is their fiber laser upgrade to a tree branch and power line clearing system.
  3. RedCowboy


    NUBM0C Looks like a NUBM07 only stronger and with the shorter Gball can, we could ask OpticsLD for some recanned with a window can, I have one ordered to check the divergence...
  4. RedCowboy

    Laser Space Cannon

    Something interesting, I wonder what lasers they are using and how well collimated they are ? 500w cannon could be 100 x 5w laser diodes. https://phantomdynamics.com/phantom-dynamics-laser-space-cannon-skybeam-searchlight/
  5. RedCowboy

    PBS cube testing

    I tested some PBS cubes and some of the cheap ebay units don't hold up, this smaller size cube I got from a member seems to work well, anyone have any links to known good cubes that can take multi watt beams ?
  6. RedCowboy

    Techhood c-lens pair for multi mode greens.

    I ordered a pair of the 2X ? c-lens from ebay for 1w 520-525nm, they just arrived today and are the smallest I have seen yet I will post a pic or two when I test them. They look like about 5 x 8mm and 7 x 8mm which will be just fine for use with a G2 primary and good for compact...
  7. RedCowboy

    Where to buy springboards ?

    I often make my own but that means a creative ground if not using a case pin..........I would like to by some 17mm and 20mm spring boards for some compact builds.
  8. RedCowboy

    Optics site with lots to investigate.

    I just started exploring this site and it seems to have a lot of interesting stuff, several things I have not seen before. https://lightmachinery.com/optics/custom-optics/laser-optics-lenses/?gclid=Cj0KCQjw-af6BRC5ARIsAALPIlVvsE0WoUZtABVYXG5a2waFpgch4DwzcJxV433SwVKBIci6msfuzkcaAva0EALw_wcB...
  9. RedCowboy

    Beam quality.

    Only 100w with about 125mm ?? objective maybe 100mm ( 4 inch ) actual objective inside.......focus pretty tight.
  10. RedCowboy

    Some new reds ?

    Anyone seen these before ? https://www.ebay.com/itm/637-638nm-9W-12W-16W-20W-red-laser-bank/174343217371?hash=item2897aa60db:g:S2MAAOSwhuRfA-sN
  11. RedCowboy

    Reflector question

    Looking at the width of the emitter banks/strips and the alignment I wonder if the 4 reflectors at the bottom pass through from the back side but reflect on the front side ? I assume all 4 emitter strips are of the same wavelength. If so I would like this " one way " coating for 440-450nm...
  12. RedCowboy

    Multiple beams

    Sheltering in place and being somewhat bored I bought a used projector for cheap with 2300 hours and harvested 24 x M-140 diodes that work very well, I am driving 4 laser diodes in series @ 1.6a using a LM338 as a current regulator using 0.8 ohms across the adj. and output pins and 8 x 18650 in...
  13. RedCowboy

    Sharp GH04C05B9G 5W 440-450nm

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/Brand-New-SHARP-GH04C05B9G-440nm-5W-Blue-Laser-Diode-TO-5-9mm-LD/174244386263?hash=item2891c655d7:g:VZ8AAOSweoRd5hiX Been waiting to try these out, divergence looks to be slightly worse than 7A75 much like the nubm44
  14. RedCowboy

    Great product name.

  15. RedCowboy

    RGB hand held 400mw at O-like 269.00

    Anyone know if it's any good ? Also wonder about the RGB engine, could it be a RGB diode or a micro dicro package.......will be looking for the tiny engine for sale because at this price I expect they are using a small RGB module rather than a custom build with 3 diodes are optics........Looking...
  16. RedCowboy


    Noticed some more LEP items for sale besides the acebeam w-10 and w-30 flashlights. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Weltool-848M-LEP-Tactical-Flashlight-18650-Spotlight-Outdoor-Long-Throw-Light/362648763832?hash=item546f8cfdb8:m:mGtYETYLnNH3EYa0znanCFQ...
  17. RedCowboy

    Russian nuclear rocket explosion

  18. RedCowboy

    Blue laser diodes could come with FAC

    Hope to see some high output blue diodes with FAC for sale soon. https://www.laserfocusworld.com/lasers-sources/whitepaper/16573876/fisba-ag-fast-axis-collimators-for-high-power-blue-laser-diodes
  19. RedCowboy

    Videos you wish to share part two.

  20. RedCowboy

    100mw 520 module from techhood/ebay

    I won a 100mw 520nm module from techhood on ebay, I have bought quite a lot from techhood but this module is clearly underspec. I also tested the TTL input and still it would not do more than 39mw. If you buy from ebay be prepared to deal with crap like this...