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  1. H

    Hello from Spain

    Hi! Recently getting into lasers and discover this amazing forums ;) Planning to do a projector mod conversion - UHP lamp to laser, check it in Experiments & Modifications section :) Regards!
  2. P

    Hola, Saludos desde Granada, Spain

    Hola a todos los miembros de este foro tan interesante. Muy contento de estar con vosotros Saludos
  3. A

    New member from Spain

    Hello, I'm interested in buying a laser pointer to do experiments. I see very interesting things in this forum. I like it. Can you recommend a laser pointer (wavelength, power) that is capable of burning plastic, paper or cardboard easily and a reliable place to buy it? Sorry for my english.
  4. P

    Hi From Spain

    Hi everyone! My name is Tomas and I live in Comunidad Valenciana, Spain. I am 47 years old and I am with 3D printing and looking forward to building my first laser cnc Good to meet you all and I look forward to learning a lot about lasers before I've even got one. Regards.
  5. C

    Hi from Spain.

    Hello everyone, after years interested the laser I decided to buy to myself someone and finished here, the only forum that and found specializing in this topic. Sorry for me bad english im use google trasleitor ^^
  6. O

    Greetings from Spain

    Been a tech geek i've finally decided to join the forum. After seeing the knowlegde and seriousness people seem to show here i'm sure a lot of you will be glad to help me and if I can i will return the favour FYI grammar nazis English is no my mother language as you would have guessed from the...
  7. borgqueenx

    Spain, pointers legal?

    Just wondering:)
  8. chucho

    Hello from Spain

    ...ago i will start with a red diode i can take out of a dvd burner. Would be ebay a good place to find the rest of things i need? As i live in spain buying from USA is a pain in the ass cause in spanish customs now they stop nearly every parcel sow you pay taxes. The worst part is not paying...
  9. piferal

    Hi to all from Spain.

    Hi to all from Spain :wave: A few days ago I discovered this wonderful forum and spent hours reading and learning a lot, although English is not easy for me, but I do what I can. So to be magnanimous and forgive me the many faults of writing that may have :yabbem: Thanks to all who are you...
  10. S

    Hi from Spain

    Im a laser adict and a laser buyer, but i need to solve some questions according to the help in some posts of this forums. Thanks for this forum :)
  11. M

    Laser laws in Spain.

    ...60mw 405 Labby (self-made) and a chinese 50mw (true power) greenie. Googling the laser laws gave no results. I have no access to legal databases and have not the slightest idea about how to research such a subject. Can someone point the way to find laser laws in spain? Kind Regards, Ivan...
  12. morrit

    Hello from spain

    Hi I'm from Spain, I hope not to make many mistakes. From childhood I was interested in lasers ... had about 15 years and these were beginning to buy into fashion. Red pointer and had shaped heads (face, heart) to project into the white wall ... It was several years and appeared green, and...
  13. D

    Hello from Spain!!

    Hi, I just thouth I'd introduce myself. My name is Domingo and I live in a town called Benidorm, in Spain. I've been reading about lasers for a short while, but I still have very much to learn and I hope to do so here and lend a hand when ever posible. See you all around here. Domingo. :yh:
  14. D

    (SELL) Rayfoss 200mw focusable torch , and safety goggles in madrid,spain. 100 €

    ...and a pair of focalprice anti-green goggles (apparently, they don't sell them anymore) http://laserpointerforums.com/f52/oem-focalprice-laser-goggles-review-43134.html price for everything: 100€ the laser is aprox. 1 month old I would want to sell this to someone in madrid, spain.
  15. erdabyz

    [TRADE] Laser diode driver for shipping goggles to Spain

    ...I've tried to do a GB with other spaniards but it went bad. I've looked in usps webpage and it tells me that shiping a 1.1lbs package to spain would be about $12 without tracking (first class mail), and the shipping costs from oemlasersystems to USA are around $6- $8. As some of you might...
  16. magonegro

    Hi you all from Spain

    Hi, I have been reading your forum long time ago. Never registered till yesterday, but I think I owe you thanks for the lot of things I have learned here. For sure I'm a laser enthusiast and I have lots of lasers, my favourites are the ones I do by myself. Have some labbys DIY from 3 years or so...
  17. erdabyz

    [SOCCER THREAD] Spain vs USA Confederations cup

    As fas as I know this forum has only 2 Spanish members... and a few thousand yankees enough to start a thread about tomorrow's match. So... feel free to post your opinion about the match. No flamewars and don't take comments seriously.
  18. I

    lasers on an international flight to Spain?

    My family is traveling to Spain next month and I have a few questions. I know there are many, many threads about taking lasers onto flights, but most of them relate only to domestic ones. I've taken my 35 mW laser on several domestic flights and have not run into any problems so far. However...
  19. D

    parts-express won't ship to spain

    how much is a normal order from usa to spain? I need some 1ohm resistors and those congo blue plastics for filtering and they said me 46$ for shipping :-X Anyone would buy it for me and then send it? I really need that :D (any other alternative than parts-express?)
  20. erdabyz

    What do you think about Spain and Spanish people?

    ...us in other countries. This is the most international forum I've posted in, so I think it's a good place to ask. Feel free to say what you want. I think Spain is the less patriot country in the world, and I won't get offended by any of your comments. Is there any other spanish in this forum?