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    Any "Good" Ebay Seller?

    I see. Thanks for sharing
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    i selling my laser with big disscount

    I wish I had enough money to buy it:D
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    Why are all the good posts so old?

    I think all the good posts are old because forums aren't as popular as they used to be.
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    Politics and General Debates Thread

    that's an awesome video
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    Any "Good" Ebay Seller?

    How do you tell if the review is fake? I'm asking cause maybe I was trusted the reviews too much :oops:
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    Has anyone opened a Thor Ultra or an Odin 5 watt?

    I didn't have any problem opening it....
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    Any "Good" Ebay Seller?

    I usually check out the reviews and ratings of the sellers. As far as I know Ebay has a strong policy regarding the customers' feedback so you can usually just rely on reviews and choose any seller with the good ones
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    Battery advice please

    These are really cool recommendations.
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    Hi guys

    Nice to meet you John! I'm Daniel and I'm also a newbie :)
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    Need help

    Thank you guys for sharing this info. It was helpful for me too!