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    Wicked Laser X10 beam expander

    Appreciate your reply thank you. I’m honesty I don’t know the history with WL and wasn’t aware of the bad feeling towards them. I do notice that they seem ridiculously priced specifically in the US, but that is good old fashioned greed for you. I picked mine up second hand - it’s an old Arctic...
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    Wicked Laser X10 beam expander

    Just a bump guys - any info on either buying or even perh building one would be helpful what thread is the wicked laser spyder for example? perhaps I could source something and retro fit it
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    Wicked Laser X10 beam expander

    Hi guys i recently picked up a WL Arctic spyder 3 and despite all the mixed reviews I’m pleased with it. im trying to source a x10 beam expander and wondered if anyone had any ideas on where I can get one or where I can get something that does the same job and will fit my laser as always thank...
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    Jetlaser 10 X BE stuck!

    As mentioned above really, heat or cold or lubrication wd-40 is good but it might affect the lens ? boiling water or perhaps cold and a tap as meantioe d can free a thread I wish you luck
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    Hi guys

    hi Ryan i prefer flashlights as they are more practical but a spot lamp does do a specific task and many do it it very well. I like the Acebeam W30 but in honesty it isn’t very practical and not really useable in reality, but it does a great job of spotting and showing off the Laser excited...
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    Battery advice please

    Hi guys I need to purchase a pair of 18650 li-on batteries and I’m looking for recommendations please I’ll also get a decent charger as well as the current ones I have are only 2000mAh so maybe something with a bit more oomph wouldn’t hurt I guess - but rather than pull the trigger I thought I’d...
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    Looking for recommendations please

    Hi guys I have recently purchased an Arctic spyder iii blue 3000mw laser and I am trying to source a sutiable beam expander for it. sadly the 10x expander they list in the wicked laser website never seems to be in stock and I wondered if anyone could recommend an alternative that would fit the...
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    Learn From Mistakes That Can Happen To Anybody...

    That a very good share because all too often people are only too keen to share only their triumphs But life is book of highs and lows.
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    Hi guys

    Thanks for the nice welcome guys The plan ultimately is to eventually build my own hand held laser but rather then bombard everyone with umpteen questions - I like to sit back and lurk and learn a bit by making some effort and having a search through the forum at a sedate pace it seem fairly...
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    Hi guys

    Hi guys I’m new to the forum I thought I would say hello my name is John and I’m from the UK. I’ve always been interested in torches and lasers and have recently started a collection which began with an Imalent MS06 and then an ace beam w30. ive now just purchased a second hand Arctic spider 3...