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  1. Ears and Eggs

    Lasers and Anime Figures?

    Just a few pictures of some of my lasers with some of my anime figure collection. :D
  2. Ears and Eggs

    A Sticky Situation

    Just noticed the other day as I was setting up my lasers to take updated photos for the "Member Collections" section that the coatings on a couple of the hosts had gone all sticky. I tried cleaning that with some soap and water on a cloth but it made no difference. I think the rubber coating...
  3. Ears and Eggs

    Researchers achieve world's first manipulation of antimatter by laser

    Just saw these articles the other day about how scientists have used a UV laser to slow down an anitmatter atom to help them take more measurements of it's qualities. Apparently required them to build a laser with a wavelength of exactly 121.6nm...
  4. Ears and Eggs

    Galaxy Note 10+ Broken Power Button

    Anyone here have this phone and had a similar situation? It just randomly fell right out one day. Thinking maybe I could super glue it back, but it's such a small piece, glue could easily get into the button mechanism if I don't get it exactly right. Some pics of the problem:
  5. Ears and Eggs

    Happy Valentine's Day LPF!

    Happy Valentine's Day!
  6. Ears and Eggs

    Bad News

    Unfortunately some bad news here. I woke up Saturday morning feeling slight chills and with a stuffy nose. Immediately called in sick from work and went to a covid 19 testing site which is fortunately located only 15 minutes away from my house. This morning I get the results, and it has come...
  7. Ears and Eggs

    Fluoroantimonic Acid - The Strongest Acid in the World

    Very cool video about the strongest acid in the world, fluoroantimonic acid, by YouTuber Chemical Force:
  8. Ears and Eggs

    LPF 15th Anniversary Laser/Host?

    With LPF's 15th anniversary (CANNOT believe it's been that long!) coming up next year, I was wondering if there was any interest in a custom engraved LPF 15 Year laser or host? We did this a couple times before and had a Group Buy of custom engraved lasers and/or hosts. Here's an example of...
  9. Ears and Eggs

    What is this? O_____O

    Found this item packed away while sorting through some old stuff in my basement. It belonged to my grandfather, quite possibly it's over 100 years old. It came all packed in the wooden case pictured with the No 6 Dry Cell battery under the other parts.
  10. Ears and Eggs

    Maglite Spectrum Series

    Just saw these on Maglite's website as I was looking for a matching trio of Red Green and Blue flashlights. Anyone have one of the Maglite Spectrum Series lights? https://maglite.com/collections/spectrum-series
  11. Ears and Eggs

    Computer Problem

    Wondering if any computer experts can help me with this. This morning my computer suddenly shut off without warning. Totally dead. Now when I push the power button it tries to come on for a second, the light powers on and you can hear the fans starting to spin up and then it shuts right off...
  12. Ears and Eggs

    Another PC Problem lol

    I got a new keyboard recently, a Corsair K70 RGB MK.2, and it works great once Windows had loaded but the BIOS won't recognize it so I am completely locked out of changing any BIOS settings. From what I have read some gaming keyboards have this issue and some have a compatibility switch...
  13. Ears and Eggs

    Pokémon: Detective Pikachu

    Anyone seen the trailer for the newly announced movie "Pokemon: Detective Pikachu"? I am a big fan of the Pokemon franchise, but to make this a live action film is just weird beyond words lol.
  14. Ears and Eggs

    PC Fan Speed Issue

    I have been having this strange problem with the CPU fan on my PC lately. Right from boot I get an error message "0135: Fan Failure" and the fan immediately speeds up to maximum speed. No matter what I do it will stay at full speed for as long as the PC is on. I have been monitoring the system...
  15. Ears and Eggs

    Best Beginner Telescope

    Been looking for a good starter telescope and have narrowed it down to three choices. Looking for either a Refractor or Compound scope so I can use it for terrestrial viewing as well as astronomy. Also looking for a scope that is reasonably compact and portable as I don't have a car to...
  16. Ears and Eggs

    A 488 edition to the collection!

    Finally have the chance to add 488 to my collection with the 60mW Pocket Series from Sanwu. :D Absolutly love this host, very small and uses a single 10440 battery. The Pocket host: This is a comparison with a standard "Newwish" type pen. Some 488nm beamshots: :drool...
  17. Ears and Eggs

    Ibm ps/1 2011

    Was cleaning out our basement yesterday and found this behind a bunch of random crap in a corner. This was the first computer I ever used back when I was a kid. Amazingly it still seems to work just fine. Anyone else have one?
  18. Ears and Eggs

    Warning to Canadian Members

    Just saw this on the news this morning. 10km from any airport of heliport is a huge radius, that will include most of the city I live in, far more than just the vicinity around the airport. Ottawa banning some lasers near airports to prevent cockpit attacks | CBC News...
  19. Ears and Eggs

    Post your Telescope

    Believe there was a thread for this before but it was quite a while back and many of the links are broken. Anyone into astronomy/astrophotography post some pics/info about your telescope setup. :D Right now I do not have a telescope, but I do have a pair of Celestron SkyMaster 25x70 Binoculars...
  20. Ears and Eggs

    Uranus smells like farts, scientists confirm

    Uranus smells like farts, scientists confirm | CBC Radio