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    Safety of Diverged and Heavily Diffracted Audience Projections

    Hi there, last night I went to a party, which had a cheap $30 red/green laser projector that displayed various patterns across and into our crowd last night. The projector was located in the corner of the room, and has a 50mW green and 100mW red that are heavily diffracted. There was no actual...
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    Tutorial for a Four-Motor Compact Laser Spirograph

    Hi there, though I don't post much here on laserpointerforums, I have browsed a lot and gained a ton of information from the numerous posts. I first came here with questions about a 5mW green laser over a year ago, and today I've decided to say thanks and post a guide to a tutorial I created on...
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    75mW & Retroreflective Street Signs

    I've been playing with lasers for awhile now, though my highest power laser is 15mW. I'm interested in purchasing my first dangerously bright laser at 75mW from NovaLasers ( http://www.novalasers.com/NOVAstore/pc/viewPrd.asp?idcategory=3&idproduct=85 ). When showing my lasers to friends, even a...
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    Power Requirements for a Laser Module

    Hello there, I have been obtaining my 5mW Green laser modules by extracting them from laser pointers. I then create my own voltage regulator using a LM317T which I can set to whatever voltages I need. As these lasers are powered by two AA batteries, making for a combined voltage of 3.0v. I then...
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    Goggles Necessary for 5mW Green Laser?

    I am about to begin my first laser spirograph and am concerned about the safety of my eyes and those of anyone viewing my project. The spirograph will be left on 24/7 lighting up one of the walls in my house, powered by a 5mW 532nm laser with three mirrors. I have purchased my laser from...
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    Creating a Spirograph

    I am interested in building my own basic spirograph that will have three motors (with mirrors attached) and each motors voltage controlled by a potentiometer, a fan to blow air over my laser module, and the laser module itself, all powered by a AC/DC power adapter. This project will not use a...
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    Purchasing a <5mW Green Module

    I've browsed NOVALasers, Optotronics, LaserGlow, DealExtreme, eBay, and countless google sites trying to find a 5mW green laser module. I need a laser that can be left on all day, I don't know anything about how to apply a heatsink to a laser module, and if I need to blow a fan over it that's...
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    Laser Show Safety and Info

    Hello there, I enjoy creating lighting projects to illuminate my house that are enjoyable and are pleasing to the eye. I've been interested in using lasers for awhile, but am concerned about the possible damage to the vision of myself and my house guests. I have stumbled across a guide based on...