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  1. rebane2001

    Osu! visualizations with lasers

    Osu! is a rhythm game where you need to move your mouse and click circles to music. I thought it'd be cool to make it work with my lasers, so I did it Here's a video explaining everything: And here's a video of some gameplay:
  2. rebane2001

    Who needs Tetris Effect when we've got this? (aka Tetris with lasers)

    I've got my Helios DAC and I've been experimenting with it, this is a Tetris running on it through the Python API, more info in the video description
  3. rebane2001

    Question about showlasers

    Hi! This is my first time using this forum so I hope I got everything right Anyways, I'm considering buying a ILDA RGB showlaser from Aliexpress with 500mW of advertised power (Red-650nm@300mW / Green-532nm@50mW / Blue-450nm@150mW) I know that a 500mW laser pointer itself is quite dangerous...