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    LaserBee I - Great C/S

    Everything has been resolved. First time Google has failed this hard.
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    Traveling on an airplane

    My family and I are traveling to Colorado for the spring break holidays and I would like to take my lasers with me. I am wondering what kind of things I might run into with airport security. I have removed the batteries from all three lasers I will be taking thus rendering them useless -one...
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    Lasers for sale

    I have for sale two 4x diodes mounted in AixiZ modules. $42 38 each shipped in the U.S. Only use on them was to test that they worked. Only comes with a glow-in-the-dark lens cap, no lens or ring. Also for sale is a leadlight bluray pen. Comes with the lens and focus ring. Made with a PHR and...
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    3-D Images via Lasers

    Has anyone else seens this? Was released in '06 but I just found it. http://www.aist.go.jp/aist_e/latest_research/2006/20060210/20060210.html Pretty wild.
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    6x Sled LCC

    Does anyone have any information on the long closed can (LCC) red found in the 6x sleds? Power vs. current graph hopefully. How do they compare to the LCC from the 4x sled?
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    6x Bluray

    I just finished my first 6x build a few minutes ago. Built it in a rc-a2 Romisen [LikeItBright heatsink] w/ flexdrive @ 200mA. Puts out a blazing 212mW :o [Peaked at 219mW]. Awesome. Pretty amazing the difference in the fullness of the spot when compared to a PHR. Unfortunately, I don't have a...
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    The first new fundamental element of circuits in 150 years. If you're a EE or majoring in EE, you need to see this. http://spectrum.ieee.org/memristor http://spectrum.ieee.org/dec08/7024
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    Clicky Switch

    What's the best replacement clicky for the Romisen RC-A2 host? Currently, the stock one is the white 12mm clicky. Looking for something less.. loose.
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    WTB: case

    So I'm looking for a zipper case that is the same size as a sunglasses case but has a foam liner on the inside. Looking for up to 5 depending on pricing. Show me what ya got [or a link ::)]
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    Uber flashlight

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    Check it

    I was compelled to post this... read it... w.t.f.?
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    Just when you think you've seen it all, you find this... omglol May be nsfw http://www.shockabsorber.co.uk/bounceometer/shock.html
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    Boost Driver

    So I was looking into making the boost driver posted by woop which is able to run off of a 0.3v input [a single AA]. I have a few questions about it. Thread Here Woop 1.png- Rsense- do these have to be current sensing resistors? I saw something saying that they should be low value, but isn't...
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    OMFG rant

    holy sh**! my apartment complex is trying to charge me $40 for a piece of junk mail that fell out of the trashcan and was left in the mailroom.......................... "Please be aware of the trash policy for [complex name]-- --Trash pickup times and days-- Unfortunately, the staff had to...
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    WTB: Micro FlexDrive v2

    Looking for two FlexDrives as drlava is taking forever omgs :-/. Just need a [boost] driver to complete my build... PM with offers