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    Thanks brendon7358.

    Thank you brendon7358. Received my eyewear in excellent packaging and really fast. They look brand new.
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    Thanks COCONUTS

    Just want to say thank you to COCONUTS. I recently purchased some marbles from him. He responded to my questions ASAP. I received the tracking number within a couple hours of my payment. I received them 2-3 days after the purchase. They were packaged with care and they are all accounted for. Im...
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    Great buying experience: nwfreefly

    Just want to say thank you nwfreefly on my recent purchase of the Laserglow Aries 200mw 532nm. He was very professional and courteous. All my questions were answered promptly and the shipping was within a couple of days. It was packaged very well and I had no problems at all once I received it...
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    survival laser

    Hi LPF members. Has anyone seen this laser before? Its a "survival laser". The company is based out of Utah. I have an option to buy it for $100.00. Its a 445nm and tested with laserbee 1100mw-1200mw. Its 2 years old. Comes with charger and batteries. Good deal or...
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    600 mw 532nm?

    Anybody know anything about this laser? The listing says 600 mw 532nm. It is queshi brand. http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=111620676677
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    Hi. I am from New Jersey, USA. I know I have to add it in my profile. I'm on mobile now so I can't find it here. I do bird control. The company I work for is non kill. I'm looking to invest in a build/buy a high powered green laser. I was told to stay away from the 532nm. Maybe 520nm? I know the...
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    Hello everyone! Bird solution?

    Just want to say hi to everyone in here. I have been trying out a couple different handhelds as a remedy for birds. I work for a non-kill company and our goal is to get rid of pest birds that are doing damage and creating a hazardous work environment for our clients. We have contracts with home...