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    CR-599 Dye Laser!

    Haven't had the money to do anything interesting with lasers recently, so I've concentrating on my Biolab. There's a skip I generally trawl for lab gear, and I found this awesome laser + dye pump. A quick forum search turned up nothing. It's not in great shape, but all the optics are intact...
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    World's coolest lens?

    First black hole for light created on Earth - physics-math - 14 October 2009 - New Scientist Microwave, at the moment, unfortunately. This will be cool when it works for optical frequencies.
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    Industrial Green Module

    Good day! I broke my 200mw red and am saving up for a powerful green for home lab experiments. Most of the discussions seem to favour portable lasers, so I hoped to ask those with experience of lab or industrial units. I'd like to experiment with power scaling, pulsing, water cooling and...
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    Laser made Ion Channels

    I was wondering whether anyone here had experience with laser made Ion Channels. I don't know whether this effect occurs because of a high electric flux or as a result of the photoelectric effect. Would a Q-Switched CO2 laser do? Or a free electron laser tuned to the correct frequncy. Any...