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  1. Jim H

    Bad push button

    Well, I have had issues with this 200 mw 405nm off and on for a while. Usually it stuck on, sometimes it flickered, sometimes it wouldn't come on. It finally decided to stay off for good. I unscrewed the tube, and then proceeded to bang the open end of the battery compartment as hard as I could...
  2. Jim H

    Thoughts on these goggles

    As I will soon try to get my dye laser working, I started thinking I don't have goggles for the 500-560 nm range. But I will be using a 405nm to pump it. I haven't found many choices at all that cover both of these. Any thoughts on this pair...
  3. Jim H

    Hello from Colorado

    Hello all. I was directed to this forum for help with a dye laser, which I have already gotten. I am not into lasers as much as I once was. I started out way back, with some HeNe lasers, then red pointers when they came out. Not long after I bought an X60 argon with both single and multimode...
  4. Jim H

    DYE help

    Hello. I am new and was directed to this forum as a possible source for information on DYE lasers, even though you mostly delve in solid state from what I can see. I have a ring DYE laser I bought many many years back. I had hopes of getting a high powered argon to pump it with, although that...