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  1. BrilliantLasers

    100W Blue Laser Exploding/Vaporizing Black Coffee.. (Video)

    I wanted to make a new thread on this video I made since I found this phenomenon so fascinating. When the focused beam is small enough, something really surprising happens when pointing into black coffee. The coffee seems to reach a critical state where the laser is absorbed so fast it...
  2. BrilliantLasers

    Laser Guns! (Photos) - Is The Tech There Yet?

    I am interested to know how far people/companies have taken this. It's hard to find much out there for portable hand held 'laser weapons'. I honestly think it's theoretically possible to make a 1kw laser rifle in current times, as I have fairly small bike batteries that can output 3-4kw bursts...
  3. BrilliantLasers

    Does Anyone Have Any First Hand Accounts Of Eye Or Other Injuries From Lasing?

    I was wondering if anyone has experienced eye injuries, or know someone that sustained serious eye injuries from lasing. I haven't seen other threads on actual accounts. I want to know stories, on simple/unlucky mistakes that led to eye or burn injury. Might be very insightful to some. It's...
  4. BrilliantLasers

    Powering Driver With Very High Amp Battery..

    First off, forgive my ignorance, I am a newb. I've been scratching my head over an issue I am having. How do you limit very high current from say a 12v lead acid battery to protect a driver? I hooked up a driver that was rated for 36v and is supposed to regulate current, but the driver popped...
  5. BrilliantLasers

    Limiting Only Voltage When Driving Blue Diode..

    I had a question with regard to driving a high amp blue diode. I've noticed that blue laser diodes(And other diodes) only take in a set amount of amperage if the voltage is low enough. Is it unsafe to limit only the voltage when driving a diode? I can't see anything wrong with this since the...
  6. BrilliantLasers

    Using A $10 5A Step Down Voltage Regulator From Amazon As Driver.

    Amazon Link To Device: https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B06X6BTRBK/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o06_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Hey everyone. Thought I would share this potential good deal. As a disclaimer, I am aware that this likely isn't the safest/correct device for driving a laser diode, but it's...
  7. BrilliantLasers

    1 Watt Green Laser For $140 (Review)

    So I took a risk and bought a "1 watt" green laser module from techood on ebay for only $140USD. It came with a driver and power supply. I did a power test and I was surprised it's actually not far off, at around 800mw. I'm curious though as to why it is less than 1 watt. I have another...
  8. BrilliantLasers

    Been Running Blue Laser Without Driver For Hours Of Run Time(Power increased)

    So I decided to run an older Chinese laser module straight off 2, 3.7V lithium ion batteries in series without any power supply. The power output majorly increased from 3.8 watts to 5.4 watts(Yes I have an LPM). Though the module obviously gets hot much quicker, I haven't had any problems so...
  9. BrilliantLasers

    Diode With 4+ Watts With Best Divergence?

    What the title says. What diode has the best divergence that is over 4 watts?
  10. BrilliantLasers

    Does shinning a white LED into a ruby rod create coherent light?

    I'm curious about the properties of ruby. It does seem to glow when light hits it. Why do ruby lasers only seem to work with intense flash lamps? Can you not create a weak laser with a constant running light source?
  11. BrilliantLasers

    Laser Power And Amps

    There are a few things I am confused about when it comes to giving power to a laser power supply. What happens if a battery is hooked up to a laser power supply, and the amp rating on the battery is higher than the power supply requires? In this case, I have a battery that is 6 amps, and the...
  12. BrilliantLasers

    20 Watt Laser Gun Project

    Hey everyone. Just wanted to share my project I have started. I'll be adding new images here as I go. This project is a $200 budget laser gun(SMG stlye). The components are 3 fan cooled 7 watt modules knife edged combined. This is the first time I've done any sort of beam combining. All of...
  13. BrilliantLasers

    Documentary on Chinas heavy surveillance shows high power laser metal engraving with no safety glasses

    The documentary discusses the insane security in China. The scene shows a high power laser metal engraver engraving someones ID number onto the blade cause it can be a dangerous weapon. Speaking of dangerous, no one is wearing safety glass while they are firing high powered lasers at...
  14. BrilliantLasers

    Could Beams Be Combined Using Fiber Optics?

    Forgive my ignorance if I sound like a complete moron on this subject. But I was looking into different ways of combining lasers, and was thinking about using the knife edge method, when I thought of a potentially much better way, which I've never found any info on. What if you shine each...
  15. BrilliantLasers

    Laser Tag Gun Into A Real Laser Gun(video, killing Iphone 6)

    Hey everyone. So This is my first actual DIY laser gun or pointer. It's a little sketchy looking but it works, and it's great value. Made a video of it killing an Iphone 6. Laser module link(Excellent deal)...
  16. BrilliantLasers

    Great Find!

    So I came across a "8 watt laser module", with a power supply, adapter and heat sync with fan, that was priced at only $76. Immediately I felt skeptical, since the cheapest I've been able to find a just raw 7 watt blue diode is around $80, and it was a Chinese seller. But since there were some...
  17. BrilliantLasers

    Any Idea What The Power Rating Is Of These Chinese Lasers?

    They are both very large housings, but do not specify the output likely because they don't want to get busted. Fairly reasonable prices if they are very high watt. I haven't been able to find these lasers anywhere else, and I haven't seen any videos on either. Large silver...
  18. BrilliantLasers

    Youtuber Carelessly Waving Around 7 Watt Striker With Friends

    Video: In this popular Youtube talk show, a Youtuber proceeds to give everyone sunglasses(Wow much safety!), then pulls out a 7 watt Striker and starts waving it around, often nearly shinning it in his friends eyes(I also wonder about the crew and camera men in the back). In the video he pops...