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  1. DashApple

    SOLD : 2.5W and 3W SDL Fiber coupled 670 - 690nm laser diode + Drivers

    Hi , Sine I have slowed down in the laser hobby , thought I would list these two diodes . I have them listed on ebay and that is where I would like to sell them trough as its much easier for me , I have the GSP option for orders outside the UK . Both diodes where purchased used a while back...
  2. DashApple

    Small refrigeration build R600a

    Hi All . This was my first attempt at building a small phase change system . There was no real gain to be made from this on the CPU other than for the building experience : ) . Specs are - Secop 30AA 3cc R600a compressor 2.8m 0.8mm Capillary tube . 120mm 13W AC fan and 120x120x50mm...
  3. DashApple

    FS LGK 7770 1mW 543nm HeNe & 12V PSU

    This is a around 1mW green 543nm helium neon laser , it is in a metal tube but the end sufferd damage and was broken off leaving the ballast resistor lose , the laser is fully working though and has a nice thin geen beam . The PSU is a 12V input unit rated for the tube , it has a TTL input and...
  4. DashApple

    WTB - Flexmod P3 Or similar driver

    Hi Dose anyone have any flexmod P3 drivers for sale or similar , I'm looking for at least three with a current of 4A + Thanks
  5. DashApple

    Name Change

    I will be changing my name on here to DashApple . Thanks . Ion .
  6. DashApple

    Z700U Trigger tube 12 Hour Nixie Clock

    Hey , This has been a ongoing project for the past month or so on and off and I have finally reached the point where its working as it should . Its a 12 Hour Nixie clock using Z700U trigger tubes and front facing nixie tubes , AM is indicated by a A and PM is indicated by a V ( for now ) ...
  7. DashApple

    FS: LGK 7812 Argon 12mW , ILT 5500 Argon 300mW+ , Head / PSU systems turn key .

    Hi , Due to current events I have put up my LGK argon laser and ITL5500 Argon laser up for sale . LGK is a model 7812 with glass end bell , output is 14mW @ 9 lines @ 6.5A . ILT is a model 5500 and dose 340mW 6 lines @ 11A , 30mW 4 lines 5A Idle . Both are turn key systems 230V AC , plug...
  8. DashApple

    6 Digit Numitron Clocks , RTC DS3231

    Hey , This was a little project I did from the shift registers and arduinos : D Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OOVk0ewZxIg , There is a start up pattern and I will soon say hello on power up . 6 digit clock is based on 6 6B595 shift registers , it uses a i2c DS3231 RTC that is...
  9. DashApple

    Single digit VFD Clock , 74 Logic Based , DIY

    Hey , This was a project I did over the last week . It's based on 3 dual BCD counters , 7 Quad AND gate IC's , One BCD-7 Segment driver and 4 4017 decade counters and a few resistors , LED's and 1N1484 Diodes , Transistors . Supply is 2 5Va transforms at 7 and 9 V and one 1.6Va transformer at...
  10. DashApple

    Cassette Player / Valve Amp 50EH5 DIY'ish

    Hey , This was my weekend project that I have nearly finished ( just need to do low voltage PSU, Power connector ) The overall goal was a open top cassette player and stereo valve amp all in one box . short video can be found here of it running -...
  11. DashApple

    365nm 40W ( 5W Output ) LED Engine 12 Die UV Led

    Hey , Well after a while I took the jump and purchased the big brother of the LZ4-40U600 4 die true 365nm LED engine UV led the LZC-70U600 12 Die 365nm led . Specs are - Dominant wavelength - 365nm Output Power - 5W typical Forward voltage - 49V Typical Drive current - 700mA Price at...
  12. DashApple

    Buying - Flexmod P3

    Hey , Wounded if anyone in the UK preferably but int isn't a issue has one or two flexmod P3 drivers that they don't mind selling ? Any one that has one could ya PM please
  13. DashApple

    10A Driver with Modulation , First attempt

    Hey , Well after a while I decided to try and make a variable constant current source with modulation for diode testing The circuit if partly from a PFD form analogue devices . The basis setup is 2 op-amps one being used to drive the mosfet and the second is the current sense and feedback ...
  14. DashApple

    omni 643 568nm Ar/Kr Laser , First light Temp

    Hey , Well after a while of the head sitting on my floor as im currently looking for a PSU I decided to build a simple , very simple setup to test the tube and see if it works . The circuit is from sams LaserFAQ and is intended for testing only . The 568nm output looks green on the camera...
  15. DashApple

    LM3915 EL Wire VU Meter , Bluetooth speaker

    Hey , Just in the process of finishing a simple EL project . The setup consist of a rockbox1 Bluetooth speaker green , white and blue ultra bright EL wire and the EL switching which is the same circuit as the EL sequencer SF sell but I made it on copper strip board and used though hole...
  16. DashApple

    FS : 150mW + 473nm DPSS Head/Driver/PSU 150USD + P&P

    Hey , Up for sale I have a 150mW + 473nm blue laser system with power supply and driver in one box . The laser is used and is missing the top cover from the PSU and bottom cover from the laser as it was covered in epoxy glue .... Laser outputs a nice thin blue beam and I have measured it...
  17. DashApple

    LGK 7812 Argon laser , Glass End Bell .

    Hey , Another argon to show , this time its a LGK 7812 ML4 and the unique thing about this argon laser is that the end bell with the cathode is made from glass which I love about this tube . You can see the bore entrance too . Unit was made in 2007 but I have no idea on hours and im not...
  18. DashApple

    First Argon ! ILT 5500A ML 30mW to 300mW :D

    Hey , Well after a 1 hour drive I can finally join the argon laser club :D The laser I won is a ILT ( ion laser technologies ) 5500A head and 5405 Model PSU , The laser head was made in 1990 so its just over 24 years old with the hour meter reading just under 100 hours on time . According...
  19. DashApple

    1W OEM H CNI 523nm , 50mW CNI OEM F 473nm , £200 for both

    Hey , I am selling both my 1W CNI OEM 532nm and 50mW OEM F 473nm laser systems . The 1W 532nm does over 1.5W , The head MUST be mounted on a heatsink with good thermal contact and a fan if anything or power will drop . The 50mW 473nm does around 65mW . 1W 532 comes with driver and power...
  20. DashApple

    Cni OEM F 532nm 1.4w + , £176 + pp , 300 usd + pp

    Hey , Well i have decided to take a break from lasers for a while so I am selling both my CNI oem lasers . The first is a OEM-F 1W 532nm system that does 1.45W ( Nice tight beam ) The second is a OEM-H 1W 532nm system that does 1.5-1.6W . Both come with driver , PSU , laser head . The...