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  1. cool qwertyuiop

    Building my first laser need help!

    I understand how to build the whole thing, except I am confused on how to solder the back of the driver I know that I need to solder the + and - leads to the top of pcb, but the back of it- do I need to make a solder connection from the outer ring to the host? I am using a 20mm Buck LED/Laser...
  2. cool qwertyuiop

    Need safety advice!

    I plan on building a laser pointer, but I need safety goggles,(safety first) the eagle goggles are out of my budget sadly, and it needs to be on a site like eBay or Amazon under 30$. The diode I plan on using is a A Type laser diode M140. I only have one set of eyes and they need to last.