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  1. Nutball

    How to test if UVC LED is working?

    I got a cheap 60W UVC LED for hopefully killing mold under the house, but when I first saw the bulb, I noticed no glass lenses on it (I got the non ozone version). I also noticed when powered on it didn't look like the right color. I did glance at the bulb from about 40ft, and further observed...
  2. Nutball

    Macro pics of <5mW Laser Diode

    I found this module out of a dog laser that had been lost and trampled in someone's yard a year ago. The diode must be less than .1mm, maybe even around .05mm or less wide. Super tiny
  3. Nutball

    How Much Laser Power Gets Through Goggles

    I have always wondered how much laser power can get through Goggles. Just out of plain curiosity, and also perhaps for more practical applications. Even knowing the answer may help others be more cautious even when wearing goggles if a lot can get through. Anyway I thought it would be nice to...
  4. Nutball

    Is it me or is this graph wrong?

    Is it me or is this graph wrong? It looks like it is reversed since exposure time is increasing with power. If it is wrong, hopefully one of you computer and wikipedia savvy people could fix it. Its the first graph on the Laser Safety page https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laser_safety. I'm guessing...
  5. Nutball

    Green laser lighting orange plastics

    I find it interesting how a green laser lights up orange plastics so well as if it simulates UV. Why does it do that?
  6. Nutball

    Enjoy this thread!

    I'm glad we have such great members here who take the time to make very informative posts for all to learn from. I particularly enjoy this read. Check it out if you haven't lately. >>> Complete guide to owning lasers- Please Read Let me know your thoughts and what you took away from this post.
  7. Nutball

    FOUND 10-50mW Red

    I'm looking for a good quality, doesn't have to be top quality, red laser that ideally puts out 10-50mw. Durable construction (not cheap plastic) with lens cap. It will be used in an outdoor work environment. I'm looking to spend around $15, so some not so cheap used cheepie out of one of your...
  8. Nutball

    Help me salvage pictures off a messed up SD

    I was taking pictures today when I filled my memory card. So, I deleted old pictures and kept taking more. When I tried putting them on the computer, there was about 75 that didn't make it. Along with a few errors and malfunctions with a couple cameras trying to read and transfer those pics, and...
  9. Nutball

    120/240VAC Question

    I'm wanting to put some high power outlets in the garage for some powerful tools. I don't have any more room in my breaker box, so I figure I can put the dryer on a switch so it can't be used at the same time as the garage outlets that will be using its breakers. I have a few questions when it...
  10. Nutball

    Beam expander on a camera

    There's lots of talk about beam expanders on lasers, but how about using them on small cameras? Are the optics high enough quality? I assume so. Would a BE be compatible with camera optics? The idea would be to just slide a BE over a pocket camera's telescoping lens and maybe using magnets to...
  11. Nutball

    Burning flashlight

    Does anyone have a burning flashlight? I know they are out there. Anyway I found this https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/led-engin-inc/LZP-00CW0R-0055/1537-1200-ND/6624034 . One is enough, but put 7 in a hand held flashlight, and you could have >30,000lm of fun.
  12. Nutball

    Sanwu Pocket laser extended double battery mod

    I didn't get my pocket laser for burning, but I figure while I have it I might as well do some burning. I have found, especially when the battery has just a little use on it, the wide spread dot when viewed through the glasses at full power starts bright, but quickly dims to seemingly half or...
  13. Nutball

    Where to find high quality AAA lithium 10440 batteries?

    Where can I find high quality AAA lithium 10440 unprotected batteries, or similar size that will fit? As long as protected batteries fit I'd be ok with them too if the capacity is high. Does anyone make an inexpensive modification to the Sanwu pocket laser that would allow it to carry either a...
  14. Nutball

    Maximum useful focal length

    This is my first laser modification. The goal is to keep the dot as small as possible for as long as possible... if even possible because I wasn't sure if I could focus such a cheap laser. I opened my only working laser <5mW red that came with an airsoft pistol. Funny thing about that pistol is...
  15. Nutball

    Hello from middle TN

    Special thanks to Hap, my account is now activated. In need of something better than my <5mW red toy I searched ebay for something more powerful, but all looked suspicious. Even the other big laser sites found with google looked sketchy. I turned to Wicked Lasers knowing my dad got a couple...