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  1. J

    Looking for a 6-7w NUBM44 450nm in the US

    Doesn't have to be fancy as long as it's heat sinked to be ran for a bit over a min and takes 18650s or you have the batteries to sell with it.
  2. J

    TTL: 10KHZ it can be controlled separately will this RGB work as a white then with

    custom colors. It's 12 volt RGB 300mW White Laser Module Red 650nm 100MW Green 532nm 50mW Blue 450nm 150mW | eBay
  3. J

    So I made my 561 glp pen 2-2.5 times brighter.

    I always wondered why it was specially set to 3 mw yet the 808 dioide got hot. even if it was 10% efficent you shouldn't need more than 45 mW of 808. I noticed that when the batteries went dead there was some 808 even though it had a filter. So I turned the top part where the switch is and i...
  4. J

    Fire and ice (473 and 612 through a small pinhole lens) Big Picture warning.

    I used my 473nm lab laser since it was right next to my 612 and it has terrible divergance. I wanted to try and get equal brightness so I didn't use my jetlasers 473. Decided to aim my camera almost directly into the opening of my 612nm
  5. J

    Holy crap this 8x21 monocular fits perfectly on my 589 spartan and my jetlasers 473..

    I just gotta hold it on. it covers the lens of my 589 and there's a black shade so no beam leakage happens on both. I bought it for $9 at surplus shed. here's a pic maybe some of you have it. They don't have them in stock ): " It has a rubber armored body that measures just over 3 ½ inches...
  6. J

    I'm pretty sure we will have dioides that can be pushed to 488nm or near it soon.

    In a year or 2 there might be some new 465s that are binned at 470-475nm and over driven to 483 or so. I got a good gut feeling that there will be some diodes in the upper 460s maybe even above what we have now. Maybe a single mode version of the current 460s.
  7. J

    So have I been running my hene PSU switch at 230v this whole time?

    The switch said 230v when i got it. I switched it to where it said 115 and the green led got much brighter like double and when i'd shut the laser off i'd hear a slight discharge sound. Should I leave it in 115volts? is that the right setting? I'm amazed it lased at all if my psu was set to run...
  8. J

    Help is my 611.8 HENE on it's death bed.

    It always had a blue color behind the orange and i read the laser faq. I closed the shutter till i cold just see it and looked at it with a 1000linesper mm grating. I saw lots of colors just like the first one here http://www.repairfaq.org/sam/henedcol.gif
  9. J

    Mells Girot has 2 diode based 488 lab lasers based the powers could this be what...

    DTR ordered http://marketplace.idexop.com/store/Drawings/56CRN_Series_1051_120514.pdf here are the specs of them. a 50mw and 150mw? isn't that about what the diodes DTR ordered would do? Model Number Typical Power Beam Diameter Beam Diameter Beam Divergence Beam Divergence Wavelength (nm)...
  10. J

    Has anyone ever buit a TNG Phaser build?

    I know the ones on the NCC-1701-D are all yellow but some use different colors like one looked like a 405nm. I think it would be neat to try and knife edge one with 200mw of red 635nm and like 80mw of 515nm to get yellow. or just combine 2 250 638s. Would you be able to get a 9mm 3 watt...
  11. J

    I really just want to thank GR3EN for selling me that 1.6mw 612.

    Found a 0.5mw one on ebay for 675 with no psu and no tube awhile back. Melles Griot 612nm Lor 006 Orange 6" He NE Laser Plasma Tube Super RARE | eBay Really just wanna say thanks it was supposed to be 1.6mw but when it gets nice and hot and bright it reads 2mw on my laserbee. alot Brighter...
  12. J

    It's been almost a year time for my DL 589 spartan review

    Current: 1.89 amps lpm reading at room temp cold start 60mw on a laserbee divergance: no direct measurement but i shined it 300 feet up my yard and looked through binoculars and there was no noticeable spread. I tried it out tonight and I could see it making a dot on the clouds. no other laser...
  13. J

    umm 1.5v li-po rechargeables whats the deal here

    4pc Znter 1 5V AAA 400mAh Li Po Rechargeable Lithium Battery USB Charging Line | eBay They charge usb at first at I thought they were just selling 1.5v primary cells but i found this site 1.5V lithium ion battery | KENTLI battery wholesale | KENTLI rechargeable batteries they sell 3.7...
  14. J

    DO NOT buy the 3.6V 19Ah D cell at radioshack.

    they sell 3.7V they have the 26000 size in a 2 pack on clearnce I think it's half off ( cant think of the number but it's the one jetlasers take.) lithium ions but right next to it is a D Lithium thionyl chloride Battery ( it says on back.) The thing is there's no mention of not recharging it...
  15. J

    dem 612nm laser pics.

    came out really well on my DSLR. Had to lower the exposure time to get it that's about how it 95% it looks didn't know I missed copying more from my DSLR last night. I'll add more to the gallery after we open our gifts. also lol at how uneven the floor is. Didn't think it was that bad. 612nm...
  16. J

    Oh man 612 HeNE is just amazing.

    What a great a start for my first gas laser. It's just amazing. For some reason my cat loves it and goes nuts over it. He won't chase a red.
  17. J

    GR3EN 612nm and LPM.

    Great packing. Tube was sent heavily foamed and the supply in another package that came the next day. Great packing. and holy hell at seeing 612 for the first time.
  18. J

    Warning If you didnt see the new starwars movie yet. I had it spoiled.

    There's been a pastenbin link from the 10th that describes the whole movie. I Had mine spoiled on the 16th there were clips from the movie leaked and pics. How did this crap leak on the 10th?
  19. J

    Is this the right ebay 303 200mw green laser

    Green Laser Pointer 532nm 5mW 303 Lazer Pen Beam Light 2x18650 Battery Charger | eBay if you scroll down you can see pics of it lighting a match. seeing as it takes 2 18650s I have the feeling this is the one. Any inputs if it is? I've been wanting to get a higher powered green but not...
  20. J

    GR3EN great guy 3mw 561 and a jet lasers 473nm

    Didn't open the 473nm but I opened the 561 and holy crap it was well packed he threw in 2 batteries. Gonna open the now 473nm will update post. I must be the only one in my county that has a 561 hell I bet no one has one in a 100-200 mile radius of me. Beamshots coming when i see how my dslr...