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    RGB laser driver ebay

    Hello Everyone, I recently bought this driver off ebay. I was wondering if someone knows this driver more ''in depth'' to tell me what the pinout is of the green laser connector. The driver I am talking about is sold by Techhood. Analogue RGB Laser Driver for 638nm 300mW 532nm 200mW 450nm...
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    PT-30K scanner problem

    Hello everyone, my name is Jasper Vis, I'm from Holland. And I'm 21 years old. My number one hobby is tinkering with lasers (laserpointers and scanners) My laserprojector has the following parts: Cmedia CM106 soundcard DrLava's Correction amp PT30k galvos ~80mW green laser ~140mW blue 445nm...
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    soundcard dac blanking problem. Need help.

    Hello Everyone, I am using a C-media 5.1 soundcard dac in my RGB laserprojector but I am starting to think it's a bad card becouse there is a problem when I project a square, the left corner isn't closed. (see attachment) The lines are about 1cm apart from eachother. The problem shows also with...