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  1. freeloader700

    SOLD 1" Uranium Marbles

    *****SOLD******* (I do have 2 more if you want them PM me and we'll go from there) Hey I have two of these crackled 1 inch uranium marbles You cannot find them anywhere ! I am willing to let these two go EDIT $15 ea shipped + PayPal fee (pending new price)
  2. freeloader700

    SOLD FS: 2 Aurora C6 kits, heatsink & pill machined flat + Aixiz

    SOLD Lanyard C6 Heatsink Pill machined flat for easy driver heatsinking + I will throw in a free [1] Aixiz module $23ea + $3 shipping (this is the basic kit from Moh for the same price as seen here http://laserpointerforums.com/f39/fs-aurora-c6-kits-68348.html) I will accept paypal These...
  3. freeloader700


    Hey I have 2 for sale right now that I am not going to be using for awhile and wanted someone who needed it to get it. Lanyard C6 Heatsink Pill machined flat for easy driver heatsinking $25ea + PP fees and shipping which will be about $3 with delivery confirmation I will accept paypal These...
  4. freeloader700

    Tried LM317T + 10ohm res + PHR-805T, shouldn't it be brighter?

    See the photos Please excuse the messy soldering Powered by 2 cr123a's, this should be giving me 125mA right? Like...80-90mW? This is like 5-10mW maybe.. What went wrong? Any ideas? Thanks
  5. freeloader700

    WTB: 150-200mW red that'll burn for $30.00ish

    I want a red around 150-200mW that'll burn and what not...I've seen many china websites advertising such specs and prices less then what I want to spend. I wanted to see if anyone has any lying around they don't want and would like to give up for cheap. Preferably click on/off switch, not...
  6. freeloader700

    Radiant Shades 405-532nm protective goggles review

    (THIS IS MY FIRST REVIEW) I didn't see any review on these so here it goes! I ordered them from here: (THE LINK IS NOT WORKING RIGHT NOW, WILL ADD WHEN ITS BACK UP. Should be http://www.radiantelectronics.org/) $23.xx shipped for 1 pair They came decently packed...had the plastic film...
  7. freeloader700

    Transplant driver/diode from 14500 to 18650 host, do I need to change current?

    I currently have a 445nm with a flex pushing 1.5W (should be when purchased from DTR) It is in a host that uses a 14500 battery. 3.7V yadayada you know how it goes. I wanted to temporarily transplant it into a C6 for better heatsinking. That is going to use a 18650 battery...is that going to...
  8. freeloader700

    Laser surplus parts, are they any good for 405? See link

    Anyone ever buy from here ? Laserpurpluspart.com I want to get this 6x diode and want to know if these guys are any good. Thanks in advance! Looks like a decent buy to me
  9. freeloader700

    Aurora C6 cree DIY has no battery board, what should I do?

    I got the Aurora C6 cree DIY from DX see link C6 DIY Cree LED Flashlight Full Casing/Shell with Driver Pill (2*CR123A/1*18650) - Free Shipping - DealExtreme There was no battery board/contact with it. What should I do or use to get one there? This is holding me up from my build and I am not...
  10. freeloader700

    Has anyone LPM'ed a DX or o-like 200mW green module? o

    I want to get a 200mW green module but I don't know who to go with. DX is half the price. What the difference? I heard that maybe the DX is closer to 100mW If anyone has information on the actual output on them that'd be great Also, which SHOULD I go with...the DX for $45 or the o-like for $115?
  11. freeloader700

    Wtb Cree sh-032 18650 stainless steel for host

    Wtb Cree sh-032 18650 stainless steel for host for a green module. I am planning on getting the 200mw module from dx. Or should I go with o-like ?
  12. freeloader700

    Want to build 300-400mW 405nm what do I need?

    I have a c6 for a host and I'm planning on using an 18650 li ion . 1. What diode do I need? 2. What driver do I need? 3. Anything else I might need?
  13. freeloader700

    SOLD: Uranium Marbles, Round and Flat, Crackled and Clear *picture heavy*

    Due to low inventory and the lack of sales here on LPF I am now closing this sale. If you want any of these PM me and I may have more at that time. Hey LPF I have some round 5/8" & flat Uranium marbles for sale. There is both crackled and uncrackled versions. Each Round comes in a set of 3...
  14. freeloader700

    Anyone try Jetbeam RRT-21?

    I've been interested in getting this light...the infinite variable feature is pulling me in!:drool: I want to know how good it is. Its more of a flood then the RRT-2 but its also a newer light. What are your thoughts ? Light is $110 Jetbeam RRT-21 - Jetbeam USA Product Description...
  15. freeloader700

    WTB blu-ray 405nm 400mW+ anyone have one? Even o-like 405

    I want to buy a blu-ray 405nm 400mW+ anyone have one? Even o-like 405 waterproof one. Thanks
  16. freeloader700

    I need someone (In USA) to make a heatsink for Trustfire F22

    Hey I need some here in the US to make a heatsink for my Trustfire F22. It'll be just like the one in DTR's build see the link http://laserpointerforums.com/f52/1-5w-stainless-steel-14500-ultrafire-f22-66252.html Please PM me whoever can do this fairly quickly. Thanks!:beer:
  17. freeloader700

    PHR-805T barely lighting up....need assistance

    Okay so I just got in a brand new 805t from modwerx. Hooked it to a rckstr driver and using 2 14500's (totaling 8v input, tested with DMM) and the diode is BARELY glowing. I know it's hooked up right cause if it wasn't it'd be dead by now. So what do you guys think is the issue? Do I not have...
  18. freeloader700

    Anyone buy Genuine NewWish 5mW Green from buyonme.com?

    Check this out http://www.buyonme.com/genuine-new-wish-5mw-green-laser-pen-one-cr2-battery--p-10389.html DX is out of stock on the Genuine New Wish 5mW Green Laser Pen (One CR2 Battery) So I seen this one and looks exactly the same. Has anyone had experience with them? Do you think this is a...
  19. freeloader700

    Anyone use RCKSTR driver and PHR-805T?

    I have a RCKSTR driver and I am wanting to get a PHR-805 and wanted to know if anyone has had experience with this setup. Also, I would be using a Cree C3 host (14500 x 2) and want to know how much heatsinking I would need. I don't know how hot these new diodes get and want to make sure I'll...
  20. freeloader700

    ** Uranium/Vaseline Marbles for sale 5/8" **

    Hey so from what I've seen, the going rate for these are $3/ea. I am selling these at $2.66/ea + free shipping in the US. See my listing here. Uranium/vaseline Crackled Marbles (3 Marbles) | eBay They're 5/8" crackled marbles.