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  1. WonHungLow

    galvo position sensor??

    im building my own galvo's for a scanner(based on Chan's design) the build is going smooth so far. the question i have is... what is he using for position detection of the galvo. i see no IR detector/emitter or optical encoder. what would be a fairly simple position detection that i could...
  2. WonHungLow

    measure forward voltage...

    does anyone know how to find the Vf of a diode that is unknown. i have an IR diode from the LPC sled that im using as an IR illuminator for a B/W camera. im regulating current with a lm317. i know that i need to comp. for the voltage across the LM317 (~3.0V) but i dont want to feed it more...
  3. WonHungLow

    Peltier (TEC) from C@$!0 XJ-A1*0 projector

    trying to start a new project and am having trouble finding info on the TEC used in the projector. searched and have seen people use them at 5V@12.5W (or 2.5A) but i dont know if this was accurate (title was "semi-ghetto peltier-cooled handheld lab device" ??? :whistle: anyone happen to...
  4. WonHungLow

    question about battery charger in host...

    I've got some Max 1811 single cell charger ICs that I've used for a while and have thought about integrating one into a single cell host. The only part I'm unsure of is how to use it in circuit. What happens when u start charging the battery. Is there a type of switch or diode needed. I know...
  5. WonHungLow

    XJ-A130 LED Question

    we get our 445nm diodes from these and our phatlight red led. that supplies the red and blue. what supplies the green to make the full color spectrum...:wtf:
  6. WonHungLow

    F\S :: RPL stlye 445nm Blue Laser w/ microFlexDrive $85.00 SHIPPED!!

    i have decided to sell one of my newest lasers that i just finished building. it has a micro flexdrive driver set @ 450ma (wanted to have a good runtime on the build, you can adjust it to the desired output you want onece purchased) and a XJ-A140 diode with an 405/445nm AR glass optics. it used...
  7. WonHungLow

    Need help finding a led...

    havent been on here in a while but i read a post a while back about the led's in the XJ A140 projectors that we have been getting the 445nm diodes out of. does anyone have any of these and how much do they cost. also the color or wavelenght and power requirements (forward V, mA, etc.) anything...
  8. WonHungLow

    FS: Kryton Groove Polished Violet Laser $80.00...

    i am selling one of my kryton groove lasers. it is polished and has a PHR-803T diode and a groove driver set at 120mA. it uses 2x CR123 (16340) or 1x 18650. this laser burns really nice, and i am letting it go cheap to fund my next laser project a 30K scanner. :anyone: I am asking $80.00 for...
  9. WonHungLow

    NEW!! Cusom Pen Host Laser

    i decided to build my own pen laser, so i started with a piece of raw aluminum rod and machined it down to 14mm in diameter, then bored for the battery, and aixiz head. then machined out a tail cap for it. *there is a lip inside of the barrel for the battery stop. then started the assembly. i...
  10. WonHungLow

    WTB: 808nm diode 500mW-1W output?

    Does anyone have any 808nm diodes that can output between 500mW and 1W. i don't care if it's 5.6mm, TO-3, or C-Mount. just need one. can anyone help? Thanks!
  11. WonHungLow


    I have a DX green 50mW http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.12595 last night the damn diode blows after 15sec of use (cold start) does anyone know what diode you can use to replace the original with. maybe a higher output than OEM??
  12. WonHungLow

    beam shine back into laser system...

    has anyone ever heard of using like a mirror or a dichroic filter as in this post... shine back into the laser and cause problems????
  13. WonHungLow

    Laser printer parts....

    anyone know anything about the lasers and optics in a laser printer. i have a dell color laser printer, and took it apart (it needed a new fuser, roller kit, and control board).
  14. WonHungLow

    Scanpro prices

    anyone know what the scanpro 20's run in price and what is included / needed?
  15. WonHungLow

    HELP identify diodes - weird looking

    what type of laser diodes are these... i put a regular IR diode in the pix for size comparison
  16. WonHungLow

    F/S:Red Laser, Flexdrive, Ultrafire Host - SOLD

    I decided that instead of posting a separate topic for each item that I have for sale, that I should combine them into one. There are 4 items up for sale. They are as followed: 1: Romisen RC-H3 host with Dr. Lava Flexdrive and PHR-803T diode. The current set at 130mA. It has a custom machined...
  17. WonHungLow

    "2R7" on flexdrive - HELP!!

    i need to know what this component is on the board. it has 4 solder pads underneath and has came loose. need to find replacement or either repair it. i would think that it is a 2.7ohm resistor, but it has 4 solder pads [smiley=huh.gif] [smiley=huh.gif] [smiley=huh.gif]
  18. WonHungLow

    **F/S** Blu-Ray Laser w/ dr. lava flexdrive--MOVED

    For sale is my new BR laser. it uses a PHR-803T diode set at 130mA regulated by a Dr. Lava Flexdrive v3 driver, and powered by 1xAA sized 3.7V Trustfire rechargable. it is cooled by a custom machined aluminum heatsink by darkhorse and ArticSilver 5 to help. I will warranty this laser. if the...
  19. WonHungLow

    post links in sig

    how do you post a link in your sig. i tried the <A>HREF="link here">link text here</A> but it wont work. any ideas :-?
  20. WonHungLow

    **FS**: BR w flexdrive in blue host ------MOVED

    Up for sale is a very compact BR laser set @ 130mA (will post power graph soon). it has a PHR-803T diode in just the aixiz head connected to a Flexdrive. it also has a custom heatsink made for this host and in the assembly i used artic silver TC just to get good heat dissipation and fill in and...