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  1. ultimatekaiser

    Coherent Genesis 577nm Laser (FINALLY)

    OK OK OK! I get it. You guys want to see this. I know I've been promising it for ages. I know I've been away....I kinda was out of the laser vibe for a while. Money has been short lately and I've not been able to work up the motivation to really do any major reviews and posts and such for a long...
  2. ultimatekaiser

    FS 488 solid state

    Hey everyone, I've got an old Chromelase from bluesky sitting around I forgot about. Gonna sell it. :) asking $500 It's reaching the end of it's lifespan I think, but still outputs plenty of light. it's rated 20 and depending on whether you want power or beam profile you can get anywhere from...
  3. ultimatekaiser

    Do we have any musicians oh LPF?

    How many of you are musicians and play an instrument? Be it a Piano, Guitar, a recorder, a horn, or da kazoo.....Lets talk about it! one stop thread for all things instruments! Personally, I play alot of things, but mainly Clarinets and Saxophones. Anyone got something fun or unique they'd...
  4. ultimatekaiser

    Some rare lasers for sale!

    It's been along time since I've posted anything here for sale but I'm in need of money! I have a few extra finds that I'd like to share, and while I know that they're extremely expensive I'm willing to work with people to sell these fairly fast in order to pay for some important stuff, like...
  5. ultimatekaiser

    Spectra Physics Scientific Cyan 488nm SLM DECSL laser

    Ok, I've got a huge number of lasers piling up these days, some i've had for a long time...and I've been too lazy to review them...so I'm going to try to get off my lazy ass and finally do some! For your consideration this time....a 20mW 488nm Cyan laser. These were primarily designed for...
  6. ultimatekaiser

    Omnichrome 100 HeCd power supply info

    Ok, so there are two different models, most know this. The a model is for the 39 and 56 models and the B is for the 74 model. I've just recently discovered an unknown C model. Mostly the only difference appears to be the ballasts as far as I know. The A model has 2 huge 10K 50W resistors. Does...
  7. ultimatekaiser

    Ultimatekaiser Laser sale!

    Ok guys...got tons of stuff hanging out and about around my home that I don't need or don't have the time to fix or tinker with anymore, and I need money for the holidays like everyone else, and to keep bringing you guys treats to the forum. ;) Lab lasers (and such fancy stuff) don't pay for...
  8. ultimatekaiser

    CNI yellow 593.5nm Lab laser

    Ok, sorry for my huge hiatus, but I think i'm back in the groove. I've been crazy busy as of late, but still finding time to tune and fix, but too lazy to do write-ups on my stuff. I've been sitting on this for quite a while, and people are requesting it out the you-know-where, so time to get...
  9. ultimatekaiser

    594.1nm HeNe laser head GB

    Just making a new thread on this so that we are no longer thread-jacking the ebay thread. There are a total of 3 tubes. (im gonna get one myself.) I figure a price of 300 bucks each, all-inclusive if you live in the states. that will pay for the tube ($265 ish), testing (both power and WL)...
  10. ultimatekaiser

    Long term project...FINISHED [pic heavy]

    WARNING: The following content may contain awesome or otherwise blow your mind! Not responsible for lost brain cells or possible drooling that may occur :tinfoil: Ok, now that that's out of the way... At long last....I have fully restored my old 1995 Omni 643-RYB head into full operation...
  11. ultimatekaiser

    [Feeler] High Quality Diffraction Gratings

    Title says it all. Anyone need diffraction gratings? I'm not talking about the cheap ones though. We're talking the really high quality kind you'd use in a lab or high power projector. I'm going to be ordering one for myself, but since initial shipping is so high on stuff like this, I thought...
  12. ultimatekaiser

    Does anybody need anything from CNI? [Combined with 561nm GB]

    I need to place an order for some drivers and parts from CNI. if anybody in the USA needs parts let me know and I'll be happy to include it in my order to save on shipping, since the minimum shipping cost is $65.
  13. ultimatekaiser

    Brand New Custom Melles Griot/Omni-56 dual-line HeCd [Pic Heavy]

    I've been sitting on this for quite a while so I think it's time to finally be out with it. After a long time of searching for a HeCd that was working and was able to produce UV, I eventually found much to my suprise a standard series 56 that did one but had 800+ hours on it. having known that...
  14. ultimatekaiser

    Intracavity ML Argon

    Got bored so I decided to play around with my argon. I have a few ML uniphase HRs sitting around (30cm ROC) so I did some intracavity work. Mind you, you have to do this in current mode, not light mode, as it will mess with the feedback sensor. I also note that doing this thru the OC causes huge...
  15. ultimatekaiser

    A little piece of history...and my quest to find it... [pic heavy]

    I've been quiet for a while...school keeps me busy, but I had to share this tonight to get it off my shoulders. I think you'll all enjoy it :) as it's quite exciting! Also I'd like to shout out at Bloom, as it's his B-day soon. Happy B-day man! Spectra-Physics....possibly one of the greatest...
  16. ultimatekaiser

    More Single Brewster HeNe shots! 632.8nm, 611.9nm, 594.1nm and 543.5nm

    Title says it all! succeeded in very careful, and VERY precise alignment and got some yellow out of my 1-B tube. Also got a proper super-polished red HR for it. Note these beams are NOT fogged. Output in a clean room is usually 60W+ @ 632.8nm according to MG spec and a little math on my part...
  17. ultimatekaiser

    Looking for a healthy spectra physics 120

    Title says it all...I'd like to buy or trade, preferrably trade for a healthy sp-120 for a reasonable price....Anyone got one? I know it's a longshot, but worth a shot to ask :)
  18. ultimatekaiser

    Cleaned my uniphase 2214 series cylindrical argon ion laser [With tutorial]

    Well...a new month, a new maintenance burn...but my dot has had a messy pattern around it since I got it, so I took it apart and cleaned it up, and got a substantial amount of power back. might be worth taking a look at your own. Sadly I do not own a box style argon, so I cannot do a tutorial on...
  19. ultimatekaiser

    WTB hosts and 9mm modules

    Ok this is silly coming from me, but before I go hit up buying new ones from SL or something, I wanted to see if anyone had any C6 or 501B hosts laying around they wanted to get rid of. I have a few new unexpected finds i'd like to build :) I need 2 black C6 hosts and a chrome one...or...
  20. ultimatekaiser

    612nm returns!.....for a price

    It appears that Newport is acquired a new source of 612nm helium neon lasers. I wonder where they're sourcing them from...probably REO by the look of it. The only have the large 2 mW model variations for about 2 grand. Looks like I have some emails to send! :)