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  1. Moebius

    Pman - Awesome!!

    I would just like to appreciate this fine builder/seller. Shipping was ridiculously fast and I feel like I got way more than what I paid for. A pleasure to do business with. Thank you again! :beer: Link to thread: Pman Sale
  2. Moebius

    Problem with Jersagfast -RESOLVED

    I bought THIS flashlight from Jeremy and sent him a PayPal payment. I made several attempts to pay him because he had multiple PayPal accounts but finally he was able to accept my payment on January 19th. He claims to have shipped my light on January 23rd. Fast forward two weeks. No...
  3. Moebius

    Anyone dealt with visualeffects7 ?

    his ebay listing -thanks EDIT: I read somewhere that styropyro can get pretty good prices on 532 labby's. Maybe I should just pm him...
  4. Moebius

    Please Flag

    Looks like animal abuse to me. Honestly I had to stop watching at thirty seconds. -thanks l_Z12leHuwY&feature=plcp
  5. Moebius

    Astronomy Picture of the Day

    A great website in case you missed it. Astronomy Picture of the Day
  6. Moebius

    Opto Pointer Maintenance

    I'm starting to get some dust splatter from my +150 Premium pen and was wondering what's the best way to clean the lens? I can see the glass when I look through the aperture but it's recessed and quite a ways down. What's the best method to get in there and not screw anything up? thanks!
  7. Moebius

    I took a dump

    A beam dump that is. Decided two would be better. Feelin' good about my choice. 'Specially since I ordered a couple clamps & tripods from DX like five weeks ago now and here comes Moh's stuff like bang. great price + fast shipping + tripod included! thanks Mohrenberg -- Super Moderator !!
  8. Moebius

    bullettproof - excellent transaction

    Great comunication. Shipped day after payment. Tracking worked perfectly. Packaging excellent. Item arrived flawless. -thanks bullettproof!
  9. Moebius

    O-Like: Good Experience

    Purchased the Silver Chrome 50mW for a friend to take to Peru where he's visiting his family way up in the mountains. 11/24 Paid $34 total. 11/30 Shipped 12/18 Received The case is basic but it looks really nice :eg: The beam is easily visable in a partially lit room. Dot is less than 10mm...
  10. Moebius

    Firearms: Source

    Firearms is an original Half Life mod. It reached it's peak in 2005. After five years, they are finally releasing the new Firearms mod (FAS) for Half Life 2. It was good times playing this game back in the day so i want to spread the word. Current release date is July 23rd. Firearms: Source -...
  11. Moebius

    Hi Everybody!

    Discovered this site while searching for an LED flashlight. Been facinated by lasers for years. After looking around i've decided to update my paypal account ;) I'm browsing through all the excellent info, it will make it easier to choose my first high powered device. The more I look the more I...