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  1. dmacrae

    Ophir 20c head

    Hey fellas, its been about 5 years since ive posted here and im getting back into the laser game, i have an Ophir 20c thermopile that id like to trade for a high powered 445nm laser pointer and i can add some cash as well, ive been out of the game for some time as i had mentioned and im seeing 5...
  2. dmacrae

    Anyone in the st. pete area with a 515 - 525nm?

    Coast Guard boat crew targeted with laser - NBC-2.com WBBH News for Fort Myers, Cape Coral & Naples, Florida Good job numb nuts....
  3. dmacrae

    638nm intermittent problems

    Hey all, I'm going to make this short and sweet. I have a 1200mw 638nm (1.5a x-drive + 500mw Mitsubishi diode + G lense) it was built by one of the best builders IMHO here at lpf. It runs off 2 x aw imr 14500's and after some time consuming testing I've found that my laser will not work with...
  4. dmacrae

    FS: PENDING laserbee II deluxe lpm

    It saddens me to have to do this but I'm moving home to Florida to better my life and what have you. Up for sale is my beloved month old Laserbee deluxe 3.2 watt lpm. It comes with everything that you need except a battery. Retail is $389 + shipping, I am asking 300 + shipping. Willing to...
  5. dmacrae

    SOLD: spyder 3 arctic 1254mw and some other things

    I have for sale a spyder 3 arctic from WL, I've had it since October of 2012. I'll include the charger holster and original battery. I'm asking 200$ shipping included. I also have an sh-032 kit with a 9mm diode and copper heatsink, all it needs is a lense and the negative lead from the diode...
  6. dmacrae

    Im a loser baby

    So why don't you kill me.... So apparently watching cartoons and "playing" with lasers makes me a loser. Being interested in advanced technology and refusing to submit to the misery of growing older has somehow placed me in that category. I don't think its fair to judge anyone for anything, its...
  7. dmacrae

    Danefex & bata

    Thanks to Danefex for brokering a trade between member Bata and me. You rock dude as always very helpful. Thanks to Bata for your upstanding honesty! You were also very helpful and great to deal with. :beer: Thanks guys! Post here and ill +rep you both. - D.
  8. dmacrae

    1w spartan 447nm trade offers

    I am putting my 1w Spartan from dragon lasers up for trade and I'm entertaining offers at the moment, looking for 635nm 532nm or possibly a HeNe.... its 4 in the morning so ill post pics around noon CST. Every reasonable offer will be considered. Thanks for looking :) BTW this laser was...
  9. dmacrae

    Ghetto Greenie

    Hey all, not much to say here, i got bored and decided that im tired of buying AAA batteries.... i used mostly parts from the bottom of my tool box :shhh: i started by tearing the laser down to the module (not going to say how, it was brutal and im glad the laser survived) i then took the...
  10. dmacrae

    Custom Danefex Minisabre

    Hey all, i've been wanting to do a review of my 2.35w 445nm minisabre build by Danefex for quite some time now but i decided i wanted to customize it and that took some time.. eventually i decided to wait so i can cover more ground in one shot, different lpf members have put work into this and i...
  11. dmacrae

    reducing "bat wing/halo" effect

    I was thinking about applying some dark, flat, high heat engine paint to the inside of a standard focus ring to hopefully reduce the halo around my dot, I have a 2w 445 so I know I'm not going to completely eliminate the ring I'm hoping it will reduce its presence a little. I was going to try a...
  12. dmacrae


    Dan went beyond my expectations especially in the customer support department I highly recommend his services ill be posting a full review but I just had to give him some positive feedback Thanks Dan hope to see what else you come up with :beer:
  13. dmacrae

    nerd nightmare

    I had a dream that I dropped one of my lasers and broke it and it couldn't be fixed... what a nightmare LOL I have serious problems..
  14. dmacrae


    Hello. I'm Dan I'm new here (fairly, I've been lurking for a long time now) I currently own a 1w 447 nm Spartan from dragon lasers (love it) and a spyder 3 arctic from wicked (not bad either) I am obsessed with lasers and I want to take my addiction to the next level I will definitely be...