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  1. Anthony P

    DTR 405

    I am about to purchase 405 diode/ module from DTR . Looking for a thin tight beam rather than just power. Short range, maybe 100 feet or less. Given the choices of BDR-209 and SO6J-12x, Which is the best choice and which lens? Thanks in advance. -Tony
  2. Anthony P

    Photographing Laser Pulse

    This is a spin off from my dye laser thread. The laser itself is fully operational, however, photographing it to share with everyone has introduced its own set of problems. When I try to photograph the laser spot on a target (6"x6" white card) all that comes out is an evenly yellow illuminated...
  3. Anthony P

    High Voltage Issues

    I am working on the power supply for my DIY dye laser. It is a 20KV supply using a variac to control a 5KV, 30mA neon sign transformer, which feeds a 4 stage cockroft-walton multiplier. This charges a 1uF 20kv cap through a 20k resistor to about 15kv for the flashlamp. The problem is 2 part. 1)...
  4. Anthony P

    Dye Laser Comes to Life!

    I did the first test fire of the dye laser today. To my surprise, it worked the first time. All I could think was," Wow! That's a lot of yellow." The cell itself is 4mmID x 110mm long. The electrode spacing on the lamp is 114mm. 1uF cap charged to 15KV. It even worked with the OC removed. With...
  5. Anthony P

    Lasers used to hack Alexa??

    I just sew a report on a local news channel about how a group of researchers used lasers to feed commands to alexa and siri devices. The beam was modulated through a laptop and able to send commands from 100+ yards away. The beam was striking the microphone. For lack of better words... WTF?
  6. Anthony P

    Tae Kwon Do Promotion (other)

    As some of you are aware, I am a Tae Kwon Do instructor when not lasering. This week, I was promoted to 4th Dan Black-belt, Junior Master. A significant factor in this promotion was my work with a disabled student. He is an amputee ( right leg). Tae Kwon Do is primarily a kicking art. The...
  7. Anthony P

    Request EE advice, please

    I am attempting to construct a home-built capacitor for a dye laser flash lamp. I am using 5mil Al sheets 10"x 15" active area and 12"x18" 5mil mylar. I assembled and clamped 40 layers together. Capacitance read 0.74uF (great). Voltage will be 20kvdc. The problem is that the resistance is not...
  8. Anthony P

    High Voltage Insulator

    I am constructing a home-made high voltage capacitor for use on a dye laser flashlamp. Mylar and Al sheets were used to build the cap. It clocks in at 600nF and will run upwards of 20kV. Is there any reason not to use food grade mineral oil as an insulator? The whole cap would be submerged.
  9. Anthony P

    WTB High Voltage Capacitor

    I am revisiting the Scientic American Flash-lamp Pumped Dye Laser, and am searching for a suitable capacitor. In the past, Condenser Products has custom made anything I could imagine. They can not help this time, nor can e-bay et.al. This is what I am looking for: 20KV or more As close to...
  10. Anthony P

    N2 Pumped Dye Laser

    Over the years, I have constructed several Lasers based on the Scientific American Amateur Scientist articles (Light And It's Uses). The original version of the N2 laser was word for word identical to the articles. This version 2.0 has several modifications which greatly improve performance. In...
  11. Anthony P

    High Power RGB

    I have completed a RGB project with a combined output of about 3-4W. It uses the Red ml501p73-p1245, Green NDG7475, and Blue PLTB450B. The dichroics used were from a Russian E-bay seller and turned out to be excellent for the project. All 3 drivers are analog controlled Black Bucks. The red...
  12. Anthony P

    Argon question

    Recently I ordered a 2214-40MLA argon head on e-bay. It has not shipped yet, but I received a message from the seller about starting issues. I know argons have to be "exercised" periodically. A good warm up may rejuvenate it. What do you guys think? Here is the message I received: Thak you in...
  13. Anthony P

    RGB Safety Glasses

    I am searching for adequate eye protection for RGB of about 1-2 watts each. I have checked the usual shops and find glasses that are close but not quite. There is always a gap in wavelength protection. Are there laser filters lenses that could be stacked? I know other people here at LPF...
  14. Anthony P

    RGB Project Completed

    I purchased the RGB "White Light Engine" from holokid. After about a month I finally have it running. The diodes are blue PLT5 450B, green PL 530, and red Ushio HL63603TG. All are individually driven by LM317 CC custom tailored to adjust current from threshold to manufacture rated max. The green...
  15. Anthony P

    RGB Design Ideas

    I am at the brainstorming stage of a home-built RGB with total max output of 3-5 watts. I am very open to suggestions on diode choices and drivers. The diodes I have in mind, for now, are Blue PLT450B, Green NDG7475, and Red Ushio HL63283. The red seems to be the most difficult to choose as it...
  16. Anthony P

    Trouble-shooting RGB

    Powered up RGB module for first time. Blue seems to behave perfectly, but green and red have barely any output. I am not sure how to proceed. https://www.ebay.com/itm/233183396826 Each is powered by LM317 current reg with adjustment resistors tailored for each diode. On test load, everything...
  17. Anthony P

    RGB pin out?

    I am building a power supply for rgb module and simply need to confirm polarity on 2 of the diodes. PL450B, and ushio HL63603TG. I know the information is here somewhere, but the search function leaves much to be desired. Another way to ask the same question is about datasheets. Are the pin out...
  18. Anthony P

    Diode voltage?

    I am designing adjustable current power supply for RGB module. http://optoengine.com/images/Documents/OEMLasers/PL530.pdf?fbclid=IwAR3MzLQXRSVLxpFo9Kb4TPuf6nGXGqHkLszr2OnNiLHL3mPplbaPay4ogUo It uses 3 diodes: red HL63603TG, blue PL459B, and green PL530. All have different power requirements. I...
  19. Anthony P

    etiquette question

    I notice many members have a list of lasers in their collection after each post. Is this considered useful and helpful to other members? Should I make such a list? Does it go in the "signature" section of my profile?
  20. Anthony P

    Black out

    Hope this is the right forum. As a laser hobbyist one of my pursuits is holography. A major problem I have encountered with green laser holograms is reflected or scattered light which clouds photo plates. In the past a bit flat black rustoleum here and there works fine for low power HeNe. With...