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  1. GoRdOn_B

    What'd you get for Christmas?

    i got a 100+year old copy of paradise lost and a few other books :D
  2. GoRdOn_B

    445nm Giveaway!!

    i am hereby entering this giveaway for a free lazor *radio noise.... :blue team leader out
  3. GoRdOn_B

    Anyone have an O-Like 50mw 450nm laser pen

    wow this actually looks like its worth checking out OSRAM 450nm 50-80mW blue laser diode /Single mode/round dot [OL-450-50] - $79.99 : Zen Cart!, The Art of E-commerce
  4. GoRdOn_B

    LOL For real?

    that glowing green stuff in the action shots is my putty.. i submitted that pic
  5. GoRdOn_B

    MIT Offshoot's New Direct-Diode Laser Can Cut, Weld, Blow Stuff Up

    i was going to post this but lpf was down at the time
  6. GoRdOn_B

    Photography thread!

    Here are some of more recent ones :wave:
  7. GoRdOn_B

    MW3 or Battlefield 3

    bf3 for pc.. I pwn noobz
  8. GoRdOn_B

    Crowd-Source: Can anyone find a source for the new 1W Mitsubishi 635nm?

    I was reading up on pico projectors and i saw that these are supposed to come with a green and blue diode as well as a high power 635 Microvision: How The PicoP™ Display Engine Works
  9. GoRdOn_B

    Randomly recieved a free Arctic in the mail.

    if they want it back.. just tell them the arctic will ship next week :wave:
  10. GoRdOn_B

    Ponder THIS

    i once read a quote by l ron hubbard.. probably the best definition i have ever heard. “The illusion called time is composed of altering of the particles position in space” Hail xenu!
  11. GoRdOn_B

    daguin's away - EVERYONE RUN RIOT!!!

    Meanwhile.. In mexio city
  12. GoRdOn_B

    daguin's away - EVERYONE RUN RIOT!!!

    ITT: :crackup: fuhreel
  13. GoRdOn_B

    Navy Laser Sets Ship on Fire

    Video: Navy Laser Sets Ship on Fire | Danger Room | Wired.com just came across this.. thought it was cool. :wave::tinfoil:
  14. GoRdOn_B

    Bin Laden is dead!

    from the way wtc 1&2 fell.. i see no "collapse", "the enormous force delivered in the form of gravity pulling on the upper floors, which led to the chain reaction collapse." from what i see.. the top exploded and the rest turned to dust, instantly. watch it and see. there are endless...
  15. GoRdOn_B

    Bin Laden is dead!

    if it was so hot in there then how come people were clearly seen in the entrance hole? [/URL] 'Like wtc 7 ever made a campfire? more smoke equals less heat, really hot flames produce very little smoke. the smoke that came from wtc 1&2 was black. :undecided: say the steel did weaken...
  16. GoRdOn_B

    Bin Laden is dead!

    i only see an outward force.. :thinking:
  17. GoRdOn_B

    Bin Laden is dead!

    i have studied about 9/11 for years.. i have read every retracted NIST reports and countless scientific journals. i have thousands upon thousands of unedited first hand pictures. the truth is out there. i am also a welder by trade. the claim that unregulated fire melted steel is just...
  18. GoRdOn_B

    Bin Laden is dead!

    tim osman died? so the war on terror is over and i get my liberties back? lol
  19. GoRdOn_B

    Can you forgive kipkay?

  20. GoRdOn_B

    Auction: 1.3W+ 445 Hotlight

    i believe it is a conflict of interest to bid on your own auction. therefore.. in the true spirit of an auction. I will start with an opening bid of 3$ :beer: