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  1. GoRdOn_B

    Navy Laser Sets Ship on Fire

    Video: Navy Laser Sets Ship on Fire | Danger Room | Wired.com just came across this.. thought it was cool. :wave::tinfoil:
  2. GoRdOn_B

    My new 12x

    I ordered a SF-BW512P sled for o like a few weeks ago.. I was fortunate enough to have put it all together the other night. so far i have about 45 mins run time on it. the host is a romisen cree i had my old phr in. i must have put 1000+ hours on it before i retired it. I hope this one lasts...
  3. GoRdOn_B

    World's Largest Digital Photo

    Topping out at 70-gigapixels "As with other multi-gigapixel images, this one was no easy feat, and involved two 25-megapixel Sony A900 cameras fitted with 400mm Minolta lenses and 1.4X teleconverters, a robotic camera mount from 360world that got the shooting done over the course of two days...
  4. GoRdOn_B

    100 million Facebook pages

    "The 2.8GB torrent was compiled by hacker Ron Bowes of Skull Security, who created a web crawler program that harvested data on users contained in Facebook's open access directory, which lists all users who haven't bothered to change their privacy settings to make their pages unavailable to...
  5. GoRdOn_B

    Free Slurpee Day

    Today is 7/11 so go to your local 711 and get a free slurpee I go every year.. not all 711's participate. They will stop once the 7.11 oz cups run out. :tinfoil: Get em while ya can :wave:
  6. GoRdOn_B

    Flash for Android

    "The app will be available for download via the Android Market for those users who have Android 2.2 (Froyo) installed on their phone" Android.com - Market I have totally been waiting for this.. thought i would share :wave:
  7. GoRdOn_B

    RE: Left brain vs. Right brain "experiment"

    RE: Left brain vs. Right brain "experiment" Ok so this is a response to the Left brain vs. Right brain thread. I didnt want to shift the topic, so i created this one instead. Below is a video of something i would like you all to try. I found it relevant to the other topic. My best advice is...
  8. GoRdOn_B


    So steam is giving out FREE copies of Portal until may 24th!! If you dont know what Portal is.. its a physics game.. here is a video that pretty much sums it up. its one of my favorite games. TluRVBhmf8w *Link Portal is FREE! The Caek is a Lie!! :bday:
  9. GoRdOn_B

    R+G at home

    Last night i decided to try and make a yellow from one of the mirrors i have sitting around. I took a few pix. i think they turned out pretty good considering they are off my cell phone. the red is a LOC @ 420mA and the green is a WL 55mW. together they made a nice brownish yellow.
  10. GoRdOn_B

    Camera Problems

    Ok so.. Lately when i haven been taking pictures i have been getting these lines through my pix like my camera is broken. its not laser damage, im pretty sure about that. it happens sometimes at random it seems. I will take a few and there will be these lines all through the picture and...
  11. GoRdOn_B


    Is now putting up user data for sale to the highest bidder for "academia". "The 22 sets of data being made available are cheap. Prices range from $10 for raw dumps from the MySpace API to $300 for everything broken out by latitude and longitude. Subsequently derived data sets can be put on...
  12. GoRdOn_B

    LED Shoppe 5mW Key chain Pointer

    I meant to do this over the weekend but didnt get a chance, i'll post an actual review when i have more time.. I bought one of these from LedShoppe http://www.ledshoppe.com/Product/ledp/LP1085.htm So a few weeks ago i received my *(replacement) key chain pointer from ledshoppe. the first one...
  13. GoRdOn_B

    Google Voice

    Update: Google voice is now free to all. no more invites. still US only.. ;) *Link Google Voice Blog Just like Gmail its by invite only at first, i just got mine invite the other day.. i been waiting a damn month already. does anyone else have this, or heard of it yet? its a free phone #...
  14. GoRdOn_B


    I used to "play" this a lot a few years ago but then i got off the interwebs for a while and my account got deleted.. not that long ago i stumbled upon it again. the game starts out by asking a few questions about your political/ideological beliefs and exploits them to the highest degree.. then...
  15. GoRdOn_B

    Counter Strike tournament

    i saw this & thought some of you might thinks its funny NSFW* "Not so long ago in Moscow there was held a tournament of Counter Strike 1.6 game. The event didn’t promise too much, just a usual competition between two Russian top teams. They are Virtus.pro and forZe, the most famous game crews...
  16. GoRdOn_B


    I know not all of us do this, but for those who do i just thought i would ask. If anybody else is dressing up & taking the kids out tonite... take sum pix & post em I'm going as leather face i have this awesome mask & i brought my leathers home from work. :eg: today is my Favorite holiday i...
  17. GoRdOn_B

    Net Neutrality

    "The head of the FCC plans to propose new rules that would prohibit Internet service providers from interfering with the free flow of information and certain applications over their networks, an official at the agency said Saturday. The Federal Communications Commission chairman, Julius...
  18. GoRdOn_B

    Wellford SC

    "The Mayor of Wellford is defending her policy which bans police officers in that city from chasing suspects. Sallie Peake says the policy also includes vehicle chases along with pursuits on foot. A memo issued on September 2nd from Peake to all Wellford officers reads: “As of this date...
  19. GoRdOn_B

    US paper money

    Im sure most of you already knew this but... Up to 90 percent of US paper money has traces of cocaine. "If you live in a big city and are carrying piece of paper money, you are probably transporting illegal drugs. A team from University of Massachusetts in Dartmouth has found that bills from...
  20. GoRdOn_B

    Boeing Airborne Laser

    Edwards Air Force Base Aug. 13, 2009 "The Boeing Company [NYSE: BA], industry teammates and the U.S. Missile Defense Agency on Aug. 10 successfully completed the Airborne Laser's (ABL) first in-flight test against an instrumented target missile, achieving a historic milestone. During the test...