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  1. cyberdoc

    New Video Sanwu 90mW 520nm vs. 530nm

    Sanwu has released a new video comparing 90mW 525nm and 532nm lasers. They may be Guardians? Take Care :D -cd
  2. cyberdoc

    Sanwu 488nm G7 Pocket Laser Review

    Hi All: Gazen suggested that I also post my review here. My Sanwu 488 nm G7 Pocket Laser arrived late Thursday, and I’d like to make it the subject of my first LPF review. I apologize for the less than stellar photo quality. I used my iPhone 5S camera, as I had trouble setting up my Canon...
  3. cyberdoc

    Walter Koechner’s Book

    I recently noticed an online distributor is offering a new paperback copy of Walter Koechner’s book, Solid State Laser Engineering for under $20. The ISBN numbers lists it as the 6th edition (2006?). The BiblioCom link is...
  4. cyberdoc

    7mm vs. 9mm G7 Lenses With Sanwu Pocket Lasers

    Hi All: Does anyone know performance differences between 7mm and 9mm G7 lenses with Sanwu Pocket lasers? Thanks. -cd
  5. cyberdoc

    Hello LPF Members!

    Hi all. It’s a pleasure to join this incredible community. I’m a semi-retired neuroscientist who’s been a laser enthusiast since using a tiny 0.5 mW HeNe unit in my college physics class. I recently decided to become an active user after researching the safety, technical specs, and quality of...